Former Superman Dean Cain Wants A Lois & Clark Revival

Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain Will Have a Scene Together in Supergirl

Dean Cain, former lead star of the hit TV series, Lois & Clark, expresses his eagerness to work on a possible revival of the show. The actor who took on the role as Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent appeared in the entire run of the series alongside actress Teri Hatcher who played his love interest, Lois Lane. Both Cain and Hatcher have gone on to appear in The CW's Supergirl, portraying other DC Comics characters than those they played on Lois & Clark.

The series, which debuted in 1993 and lasted for four seasons until it wrapped up in 1997, fleshed out the relationship between Clark/Superman and Lois that could never be done in the films given the time limitation. It highlights the complexities of Lois' confusion over her supposed separate feelings for Clark and Superman not knowing that they are the same person. As they meander their way into their romantic relationship with each other, the usual Superman world saving narrative was woven cleverly into the show's overall story. The fourth season ended on some sort of a cliffhanger with the newlywed Lois and Clark dealing with the stress of not being able to have a child together when a mysterious baby suddenly appears.

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As it turns out, more of Lois & Clark was mapped out past season 4. Cain revealed in a recent interview with Australia's 7 News Sydney that production had to be halted after Hatcher got pregnant in real life. After that, they were never given the chance to revisit their old characters and wrap up the show in a fitting manner:

"Well, you know what, we ended our show after four seasons in a weird way because we’re supposed to do a fifth season. Teri [Hatcher] got pregnant in between and couldn’t work on that fifth season so they decided to shut it down. I would have liked to done that fifth season, I think we still need a fifth season, we need something, at least part of a fifth season. So I’m hoping that we get a chance to maybe finish up the series."

Dean Cain as Superman - Lois and Clark

The actor furthers his cause by revealing that should they be given the opportunity, Hatcher is also down to get involved in the revival. He even said that they will be happy to take any media format they will be granted just as long as they are able to finish up Lois and Clark the way that the show was supposed to:

"Maybe it’s six episodes, maybe it’s 10 episodes, maybe it’s a two-hour movie. But I think it would be really interesting to catch up with these two characters 20 years down the line and see what’s happened in their lives. If they have had children or what’s going on with their kids, I think it’s really interesting and I’m certainly willing to."

With the ongoing trend in mainstream Hollywood entertainment of revisiting old properties coupled with the very popular superhero/comic book tropes, it is difficult to not entertain the idea for a possible contemporary Lois & Clark show on the horizon. The question, however, is whether the supposed project will be a sequel or a reboot of the TV series. Basing from Cain's suggestion, he is only interested in the former which is not a bad idea at all given that it would give fans a fresh take on the lives of superheroes past their supposed prime and what they are up to now that they have aged and possibly settled on having a normal family life.

The project can also be an entry point for other new characters that can be introduced via the Lois & Clark revival. More along the lines of Full House and its Netflix revival, Fuller House. Instead of the focus solely being on the older Lois and Clark, they become the MacGuffins for other story points in the show.

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Source: 7 News Sydney

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