SR Pick [Video]: The Oscar-Winning Animated Short 'Logorama'

Logorama corporate city

I am well aware you may not have 16 minutes to spare, but maybe you're not aware of just how amazing the next 16 minutes of your life could be.

Logorama, the Oscar-winner for Animated Short Film is finally here via Vimeo for you to watch, in all its satirical glory.

The animated movie opens on two police officers relaxing in their squad car during a regular day on the job. But when a criminal gives them an opportunity to be heroes, they begin a pursuit like you've never seen. What makes it Logorama is the simple fact that every single little object or person or place is a corporate logo. Little kids on school bus are Bic logos, pedestrians are AIM logos, and Mr. Clean is an eccentric zoo guide, amongst thousands of others.

There is a healthy dose of foul language in Logorama, so I wouldn't go showing it to your kids. Rather, just hog all the enjoyment for yourself because it's one heck of a short.


Directed by the French animation team H5, the colors and visuals jump off the screen with a crisp vision of a corporate world unlike the one we already live in. The final scene, as they zoom out from Earth and explore the universe is likely the most amazing part of it, turning the planets and their respective moons into conglomerate companies like Pepsi. Impressive is putting it mildly.

I saw Logorama at the Chicago International Film Festival late last year and was absolutely blown away. I laughed for 16 minutes straight, all the while in awe at the detail and depth of the concept. Upon leaving I thought, "That was the best thing I've ever seen." The fact the Academy awarded it with an Oscar was not only a surprise, but a well-deserved one.

Source: Vimeo via First Showing

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