'Logan's Run' Lands A New Screenwriter

Nicolas Winding Refn's critically-acclaimed Neo-Noir flick, Drive, has not been a huge hit at the box office - and is (bizarrely) at the center of a lawsuit over false advertising - but because of that movie, more people are now interested in hearing about whatever project Refn gets up to next, especially his new take on Logan's Run.

Refn's Drive leading man, Ryan Gosling, is also set to headline the Logan's Run remake. While there's no set production timetable for the project just yet, well-regarded scripters like Alex Garland and Will Beall have already been recruited to work on the screenplay.

Heat Vision says that the latest writer brought onboard for Logan's Run is Andrew Baldwin, a scriber who has not yet seen any of his scripts brought to life on the big screen. However, Baldwin penned the 2008 Black List script The West is Dead, is working on the upcoming Warner Bros. project, The Outsider, and was responsible for penning Red Asphalt: an "edgy 3D thriller" that Timur Bekmambetov could still direct after he wraps up production on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Brief bit of history: Authors George Clayton Johnson and William F. Nolan's original 1967 Logan's Run novel was previously adapted into a cult classic 1976 sci-fi film that deviated significantly from its inspiration. The story was also the basis for a short-lived TV series spinoff that ran from 1977-78 and gave rise to both Marvel and Malibu comic book adaptations several years later.

The original Logan's Run book takes place in a dystopian futuristic society where people are required to die at age 21, in order to prevent overpopulation. Plot-wise, the novel revolves around Logan-6, a "Sandman" or government agent assigned to track down and kill "runners", ie. those who refuse to comply with the lethal demands of society... that is, until Logan falls in love with a woman named Jessica and begins to question the very system he swore to serve.

Refn's Logan Run is expected to by and large retain that setup - though, one of the ways it reportedly "updates" the story is by raising the "age limit" to 30.

drive opens third behind the lion king & contagion

You've probably already noted the narrative similarities between Refn's Drive and Logan's Run. Case in point: the latter, like the former, features a protagonist (to be played again by Gosling) whose stoic manner and methodical lifestyle is disrupted by a femme fatale - one who reawakens the young man's sense of humanity and inspires him to protect her from the dark and dangerous world that surrounds them... violently, if needs be. So, in that sense alone, this project reads as a promising fit for Refn's creative sensibilities.

Another encouraging note: Refn has  demonstrated himself to be an auteur who leaves a recognizable artistic fingerprint on each of his films (see: Drive, Bronson, Valhalla Rising, etc.). So, Refn's cinematic take on Logan's Run will almost certainly feel largely like his own personal interpretation of the original literary source material (a la the Coen Brothers' True Grit) rather than a remake of a previous film adaptation.


We will continue to keep you posted on the status of Logan's Run as more information is released.

Source: THR

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