Logan's Run To Be A Two Hour Long Commercial

Ok, so not really - but the guy who's been handed the keys to the movie, Joseph Kosinski has only directed commercials up until this point. Logan's Run will be his first feature film.

Peter over at /Film put together a number of videos highlighting Kosinski's commercial work. My impression of them is that for the most part they are quite classy and visually interesting... but in the end, boring.

Most of them do have a futuristic and antiseptic sci-fi vibe to them that is probably one of the reasons he was tapped to helm this. I just hope he brings a lot more life to the movie than he has in the commercial material he's created.

In the past I haven't been impressed with the first theatrical movie efforts of directors whose prior experience has consisted of only either commercials or music videos. I don't want to disparage the guy, he may do a good job on the film, but I'm just saying - the track record isn't great IMHO for this transition.

The original Logan's Run came out way back in 1976 and at the time was quite successful and considered a pretty cool movie (I thought it was awesome). The premise is that of a Utopian society, populated only by people under 30 years old. Of course there's a flip side to any Utopia-themed story and here it's the fact that those who hit the magic number think they're going to experience a "rebirth" but are in fact exterminated. Some people don't believe the government-sponsored rebirth story and go on the run. "Sandmen" are an elite police force whose job it is to track down Runners, and one of them develops his own doubts as he approaches 30 years of age and he ends up becoming a Runner as well.

It starred Michael York and the very sexy Jenny Agutter, along with special effects that would now be considered quite cheesy. Still, I think it's worth checking out if you're at all interested in the fact that a remake is on the way.

Source: Hollywood Reporter via Spoutblog

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