Logan's Run: The Teen Years

I last mentioned the plan to remake Logan's Run in August, and it looks like although there's been no news on it since then it's still "on."

MTV Movies sat down with producer Joel Silver and they chatted about his vision for the remake.

Disclaimer: I have not read the orginal story that the movie was based on.

In the original film, the story was about a society consisting exclusively of young people. At age 30 they would go to "Carousel," which they thought was a passage to some higher level of existence, and thus went willingly, but was in fact forced euthanasia and they were just killed instead. It was an interesting concept and for its time (pre-Star Wars) it was a really cool flick. Sure, it's a bit dated looking now so I'm not totally opposed to the idea of a remake...

But I really don't like Silver's idea for the movie.


Because in this version, instead of being killed at age 30, he's going to drop the age down to 21.

I've heard of appealing to the younger demographic, but given me a freaking break. Here's his logic:

"It's the story of a very young culture that is controlling the world, very young people [who] never really become adults. They just stay youthful. We're in a world today where everyone wants to be young."

Now excuse me, but on what planet is 29 years of age (the max age of life in the original movie) not considered young? Sure, from the point of view of a 15 year old, it seems "old," but making the max age of characters 21 in this thing is really stupid as far as I'm concerned.

Seriously, you only really start to experience life in your early twenties, and most people don't even know who they really are until their late twenties. Brilliant idea killing off the population just about the time that they're old enough to drink and vote, don't you think?

I mean really, even in the original film 30 was too young an age if the point of the forced killing was to not have anyone in the population who was infirm, deteriorating due to age or otherwise unhealthy - it could easily have been set at 40. Although I do think that putting it at 30 was a good compromise from the point of view that they really wanted to nip things in the bud and emphasize to the audience how terrible it was. But 21? Please. That's just retarded and it's silly to set the age to a level where most people are just hitting their stride physically and mentally.

From a backstory point of view it just makes no sense and unless something changes I'm labeling this a stinker far in advance.

Source: MTV Movies

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