'Castle' Writer May Pen 'Logan's Run' Remake

It's a good time to be ex-cop turned screenwriter Will Beall. Besides his continued success working as an executive story editor/writer on Castle, Beall has been tapped by Warner Bros. to pen a Lethal Weapon reboot, the recently-greenlit Gangster Squad, an adaptation of his breakout novel "L.A. Rex" - and now, possibly the Logan's Run remake as well.

Nicolas Winding Refn (Valhalla Rising, Bronson) will be at the helm of the new Logan's Run, re-uniting him with his Drive star Ryan Gosling, who is also set to lead this dystopian futuristic sci-fi thriller (is there any other kind nowadays?).

Heat Vision has confirmed that Beall is in negotiations to write the new big screen version of William F. Nolan's acclaimed 1967 novel, which was previously adapted to the film medium in 1976. Refn's take on Logan's Run may follow in the footsteps of Len Wiseman's Total Recall remake by being more loyal to its literary source material - unlike its cinematic predecessor.

Here's an official description of Nolan's original novel:

It's the 23rd Century and at age 21... your life is over! Logan-6 has been trained to kill; born and bred from conception to be the best of the best. But his time is short and before his life ends he's got one final mission: Find and destroy Sanctuary, a fabled haven for those that chose to defy the system. But when Logan meets and falls in love with Jessica, he begins to question the very system he swore to protect and soon they're both running for their lives.

The prospect of Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Never Let Me Go) penning the new Logan's Run was enticing, but he is reportedly no longer working on the project. Beall seems like a worthy replacement, though, and his artistic sensibilities should mesh well with Refn's, hopefully producing an engaging and gritty vision of a dangerous futuristic society.

Andrew Niccol's latest sci-fi project, Now sounds similar on paper to Logan's Run - in terms of their themes, setting, and central social class romance - and there are bound to be inevitable comparisons made between the two. Niccol and Refn have noticeably different styles of filmmaking, though, which will help to distinguish their respective films. Plus, Gosling is a much different (and I'd argue better) actor than Now's leading man, Justin Timberlake.

Logan's Run isn't expected to reach theaters until 2012, though pre-production should start heating up if Beall decides to sign on to pen the script. We'll be sure to keep you up to date on the status of the project as more information is made available.

Source: THR

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