Was X-24 In The X-Men Comics? Logan Villain Origins Explained

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He proved to be one of Wolverine’s toughest adversaries but does Logan’s X-24 have a comic book origin of his own? After first playing the role in 2000’s X-Men, Hugh Jackman decided to call it a day as Wolverine with James Mangold’s Logan. Logan adapted elements of comic series Old Man Logan and found an aged and weary Wolverine tasked with looking after his former mentor Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and X-23, his cloned daughter.

Logan was a dark, R-rated take on the series, with a somber, melancholy tone. Logan also proved it was possible to tell mature stories within a blockbuster comic book movie, and it was a fitting end for Jackman’s epic run. The filmmakers also did a great job heading the film’s surprise villain X-24, who was completely absent from Logan’s marketing. X-24 is a younger clone of Wolverine but is engineered to be a mindless, feral beast who is permanently stuck in a Berserker Rage. Jackman plays both roles with the story playing off the subtext of Logan literally battling his younger, rage-filled self, who ultimately destroys him.

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X-24 proved to be a big part of Logan, but does the character have a comic counterpoint?

Logan's X-24 Is Inspired By Albert From The Comics

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While X-24 was created for the movie, in the comics Wolverine has faced off against a number of copycats like his son Daken (aka Dark Wolverine), who possess similar powers. The character X-24 most closely resembles from the comics is Albert, a robot copy made by Donald Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook in Logan. Like X-24, Albert was built to destroy Logan and has enhanced speed, strength, and reflexes. However, after gaining intelligence of his own he realizes Wolverine is a good man, so he abandons his mission and goes on to have other adventures of his own.

X-24 And Albert Are Very Different Characters

X-24 in Logan doesn’t acquire Albert's level of self-awareness and was seemingly engineered to feel no emotions other than seething rage. There are hints he enjoys killing too – which again feeds off Wolverine worst fears about himself – but other than that, X-24 is a feral animal. He has no dialogue and while he’s intended to resemble Wolverine in his physical prime, his healing powers didn’t seem as fully formed.

While Logan’s X-24 doesn’t have a true comic counterpart, he’s one of the most intriguing villains Wolverine has battled. He’s essentially the character’s dark mirror come to life, the animal he’s always feared he was capable of becoming. While X-24 ends up fatally wounding Logan in the finale, the character at least dies knowing he’s not a monster. So long as Jackman resists the temptation to return for a crossover with Deadpool, this is a poetic note to retire the character on.

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