15She’s A Clone of Wolverine

Wolverine 3 Mutant X-23 Casting Rumor

It’s unclear how much of X-23’s backstory will be changed for Logan, but in the comics she’s got a frighteningly dark past. Under the supervision of Drs. Martin Sutter, Sarah Kinney, and Xander Rice, an offshoot of the Weapon X program is

created in an effort to clone Wolverine. Thanks to a damaged copy of his DNA, 22 attempts fail before Kinney is able to convince her colleagues to attempt a female clone. Forced to carry the creation to term, Dr. Kinney gives birth to X-23, the first successful clone of Wolverine.

Unfortunately, Rice has a vendetta, as his father was killed by the original Wolverine. He constantly abuses X-23, even exposing her to radiation in order to activate her mutant gene. The results are senses and a healing factor just like Logan’s, plus bone claws. The only variation is that X-23 has two on each hand and one in each foot. Rice coats them with adamantium, completing X-23’s transformation and beginning her life of hell.

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