What Logan's X-23 Could Look Like As All-New Wolverine

Fan art imagines what Logan's Laura aka X-23 (Dafne Keen) could look like suited up as a live-action version of Marvel's All-New Wolverine.

Fan art imagines what Laura, aka X-23, (Dafne Keen) from Logan could look like suited up as a live-action version of Marvel's All-New Wolverine. Ever since 20th Century Fox kicked off their mutant-focused superhero franchise with Bryan Singer's X-Men in 2000, Wolverine has been played by one actor only: Hugh Jackman. Over the past two decades, Jackman has appeared as the gruff adamantium-enhanced superhero in eight films - three of which comprised the character's own solo trilogy.

However, the actor's time in the sideburns and claws came to an end earlier this year with the debut of James Mangold's Logan. The trilogy capper was an appropriate sendoff for both Jackman as Wolverine and Sir Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier, with Logan receiving rave reviews from critics and fans and earning more than $600 million at the worldwide box office. Logan also introduced fans to a character that hadn't previously been adapted to live-action: Laura Kinney aka X-23. Played by young actress Dafne Keen, Laura was a standout of Logan and, as a result, many have wondered whether she'll receive her own movie.

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Now, while an X-23 spinoff movie hasn't been officially given the green light by Fox, a new piece of art from Masaolab imagines what Keen's Laura could look like suited up as Marvel Comics' All-New Wolverine. Using a photo of Keen as Laura in Logan and an image of an All-New Wolverine cosplayer, Masaolab worked up a rendering of what the young actress could look like as a suited-up Wolverine. Take a look:

Mashup of @kayleymariecosplay’s X-23 cosplay outfit & Dafne Keen from the movie Logan. ———————————————————– @dafnekeen | #X23 | @thehughjackman

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Only last month, Mangold confirmed he's working on a script for a potential X-23 movie along with the character's co-creator Craig Kyle. The annoucement arrived after months of speculation surrounding whether Fox would produce an X-23 spinoff movie from Logan. For their parts, both Mangold and Jackman expressed their interest in an X-23 movie. Further, Mangold revealed to Screen Rant earlier this year that his X-23 movie would be "a very honest film about young people growing up," so fans can expect another realistic and grounded portrayal of the character, like what appeared in Logan.

Of course, given Jackman's Wolverine never donned the yellow suit, and there was nothing in the way of a typical superhero costume throughout the entirety of Logan, it's unlikely fans will get to see Keen's Laura actually suit up as All-New Wolverine. If Mangold's X-23 spinoff movie is a grounded portrayal of the character, the brightly colored yellow-and-blue suit may not fit into the tone of the film.

Still, the future of Keen's Laura in the live-action X-Men franchise remains to be seen. Fox hasn't officially given Mangold's X-23 movie the green light as it's only in the development stages. So it will be some time before we have an idea of what Mangold and Kyle have in mind for the continuing story of X-23. That said, if they do choose to have Laura suit up, Masaolab's rendering of Keen as All-New Wolverine gives fans a good idea of what that could look like. And if not, fans can continue to create their own visions of Keen's X-23 suited up as Wolverine.

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Source: Masaolab

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