Logan Score Track List Reveals Potential Major Spoilers

Logan - Laura aka. X-23 (Dafne Keen)

We are barely a week away from the theatrical release of Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine film, Logan, and it looks like this is definitely the end for everyone's favorite clawed mutant. Jackman has shot down rumors of a Deadpool team-up, emphasized his retirement of the claws in interviews, and described this last movie as the highlight of his career. He has also said, however, that he would have kept the character going if it was in the MCU. Still, it seems that this is goodbye to Wolverine, but hello to some new characters - like the incredible X-23 (Dafne Keen).

We're absolutely thrilled to see Laura Kinney take her place in the X-Men universe, but now a potential spoiler from the soundtrack suggests she might not be the only Logan clone that makes an appearance in the movie.

The soundtrack and track listing for the movie has now appeared on Amazon, and it includes two tracks in particular that stand out. Track seven is titled "X-24", and track 20 is titled "Logan vs X-24". No track title includes "X-23", although there are two that include the name Laura (track two "Laura" and 22 "Eternum: Laura's Theme").

Logan - Laura Kinney aka X-23

There is no Marvel character who goes by the name X-24, but the designation has come up in the past. In 'X-23: Innocence Lost', the reveal of X-23's tragic backstory, we learn the organization that first cloned her from Logan's DNA didn't intend to stop at just one. Instead, they created multiple subjects, labelled X-24 through X-50. These were destroyed by X-23, but the possibility of another clawed clone still exists. In 'All New Wolverine', X-23 meets four imperfect clones of hers, created by Alchemax Genetics. These were not named X-24 either, instead they were labelled X-23_1, X-23_2, etc.

This track listing and the history of cloning in X-23's character history definitely suggests that we may be seeing more than one Logan clone in the movie - something that hasn't been shown in any of the trailers or promo materials. It would definitely be fascinating to explore more of Laura's backstory, and the chances that the people who made her would have made others like her. This would also lead to some absolutely epic fight scenes, especially between Wolverine and X-24 (which seems a given, with one track titled "Wolverine vs X-24").

However, it is highly likely that this is actually an error on the part of someone at Amazon who was inputting the title info, and accidentally wrote X-24 instead of X-23. It's an easy mistake to make for a comic fan, and it would certainly seem strange to include such a huge new character in a movie that is primarily about Logan, not Laura. If this is the case, then there is still something exciting that we can take from this new info - at some point toward the end of the movie, Wolverine and X-23 will go up against each other. Not only is that going to be an incredible fight, but could this point to the inclusion of X-23's trigger scent? That could certainly cause X-23 to go berserk and attack her new protector, and we would love to see this comic book element included.

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