Logan Photos: Hugh Jackman Says Goodbye to Wolverine

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This weekend, we say our final goodbye to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine as Logan hits theaters. It's been an iconic role for the Australian actor who first appeared as this feral mutant back in 2000's X-Men, and over the past 17 years Jackman has become synonymous with the character. Now, despite persistent rumors that he could return for just one more movie, Jackman has been clear: Logan is the end for him as Wolverine.

His retirement is sad news for many fans, and in honor of his long run as one of the best-loved characters in comics, a new magazine cover and photo spread - along with stills from Logan itself - celebrate Jackman's last turn as Wolverine.

EW's feature, titled 'Goodbye Wolverine', will run in the March issue, which will hit newsstands on the 10th of this month. The cover itself features Jackman's face in close up on a bright yellow background, with the shadow of claws over his face. The tagline reads "After 17 years, nine movies, and one chat with Jerry Seinfeld, Hugh Jackman reveals why he decided to hang up the claws for good." The magazine released a further nine images, four of which are stills from the film. The remaining five show Jackman in a suit in various poses: playing with a Wolverine action figure, standing behind what appears to be a classic Wolverine suit, with a Wolverine-style skull, with a silver skull, and with his claws across his face. Take a look in the gallery below:

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These images all reference some element of the classic character, from the skull shaped like the hero's mask, to Wolverine's yellow and blue suit, to the more obvious action figure and claw-shadows. Even the cover of the magazine is a tribute to the classic yellow suit that the character wears in the comics, in the bright yellow background. In all images, however, Jackman is clearly himself - in a nice suit, clean shaven, and ready to move on to new projects. It's a beautiful shoot, and we can't wait to see more of these images when the magazine comes out.

In addition, the new teaser images from the film itself give us one more look into what we can expect when Logan hits theaters this weekend. The images show Logan in a singlet riddled with bullet holes and stained with blood (so, while his healing factor is slowing, he appears to still be capable of taking on machine gun fire without too much damage), Logan with X-23 (Dafne Keen), Logan in a bedroom, and Logan with a heavy duty vehicle in the background.

While we love these images - and are happy to pore over every still from the film - fans hoping for some new revelation will be disappointed. Both the photoshoot images and the film stills tell us nothing that we did not already know, and while it is certainly fun to see Jackman having some fun with his character, it was no secret that he is leaving the franchise. Of course, with the film hitting theaters this weekend, we don't have very long to wait to find out exactly what does happen to Wolverine in the end!

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Source: EW

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