The premiere of Logan has led to conversations about the future of the role (including potentially recasting), as well as reflections on Jackman’s overall legacy. Jackman has always had a special appreciation for the unwavering support of the fans over the years (through all the ups and downs), and a few days after surprising an unsuspecting crowd at a Logan screening, the actor has posted a message of gratitude to all those who accompanied him on the journey.

Taking to Twitter, Jackman shared a video (watch it above) featuring a collection of Logan fan art. The montage is set to Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt,” the song that was used so effectively in the film’s first teaser trailer. All of the artists are credited by having their name appear under their piece. The last one, which is essentially a rendering of the Logan theatrical poster, makes for the perfect ending to the video.

hugh jackman logan wolverine action figure close up Hugh Jackman Thanks Fans For 17 Years of Wolverine

This is an extremely touching gesture on Jackman’s part, and it’s nice to see him recognize the fans as his time as Wolverine comes to an emotional close. All of the pictures included are very well-done, showcasing an eclectic collection of styles depicting Logan, Laura, Charles Xavier, and even Donald Pierce. Some may have been holding out hope that Jackman could be convinced to don the claws once more, but he has repeatedly said this is it, and the video is just the latest indication that Jackman is for real. If he was planning on showing up in a later movie, it’s unlikely he would have posted this. From the beginning, Logan has been billed as #OneLastTime, and it seems to be a rare instance where that’s actually the case.

While the X-Men franchise will never be the same without Jackman’s screen presence, viewers can take solace in the fact that he got to retire on his terms and on a high note – instead of stepping down following the maligned X-Men Origins: WolverineLogan is a film that works for both longtime fans and casual audiences thanks to its powerful performances and unrelenting violence. Mangold, Jackman, and company went for broke and delivered a truly captivating experience. It’s hard to think of a better way for Wolverine’s story to end, and it will be interesting to see what Jackman does now that he’s free of franchise commitments.

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Source: Hugh Jackman

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