Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final performance as iconic mutant Wolverine, is generating much excitement ahead of its theatrical premiere due to the widely positive reviews hailing it as one of the best X-Men films yet. But before the movie was Certified Fresh, fans were eager to see what director James Mangold had in store because of a stellar marketing campaign. Outside of well-received trailers that didn’t skimp on violence or intensity, much of the advertising consisted of cryptic black and white images depicting the characters and locations of Logan. There was even a viral promo that embraced this approach, showing Wolverine driving a limo.

This style was quite fitting for Logan, which embraces Western and film noir sensibilities to deliver a compelling character study unlike anything the comic book genre has seen. The black and white promotional materials were so effective, many would have been fine if the final product was presented sans color. That obviously won’t happen when Logan opens on Friday, but fans could see a black and white version of the film at some point down the line.

When inquired about a black and white release by a follower on Twitter, Mangold seemed to indicate that is something currently in the works. Check out their exchange below:

Some might recall that George Miller put out a “black and chrome edition” of his Oscar-winning Mad Max: Fury Road back in 2015, so Logan getting a similar treatment isn’t out of the ordinary. Should this come to pass, it would almost definitely be for the film’s home media release, becoming a key selling point for the Blu-ray. It’s possible a black and white Logan could receive a limited theatrical run, particularly if the demand is high enough. The movie is expected to gross an impressive $170 million worldwide in its opening weekend, and if audiences like Logan as much as critics, there will likely be interest in repeat viewings – especially an out of the ordinary experience like black and white film.

Fans have taken it upon themselves to envision what Logan would look like in this manner, sharing black and white versions of the trailer online. It’s hard to deny the film is tailor-made for this format, as the striking imagery and cinematography is no less stunning and still draws viewers right in. If anything, black and white could make Logan‘s themes and story all the more compelling, highlighting its world-weariness and somber tone. Hopefully, the theatrical cut is accompanied by a black and white version later this year when people look to bring Jackman’s last time home.

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Source: James Mangold

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