Logan 'Sunseeker' Promo: Wolverine Drives a Limo Now

Logan - Hugh Jackman in 'Sunseeker' Promo

Logan's set to be a very different type of X-Men movie. The first film in the series' main continuity with an R-rating (Deadpool was purposely on the fringes of the X-canon), it's going to bring a level of violence and swearing we've not seen from Wolverine and Professor X before, and the trailers have sold an altogether more serious adventure than the likes of X-Men: Apocalypse.

The marketing approach has been rather different to what you'd typically expect too, with trailers released at a comparatively slow rate for a tentpole release and much of the hype being slowly built by director James Mangold and Hugh Jackman on social media. Now the film is less than a month away, the advertising campaign is settling into the typical pre-release showcase of TV spots and clips, but there's still room for something a bit out of the box.

A new clip released by 20th Century Fox simply titled "Sunseeker" shows Logan driving a limo - in grainy black-and-white - while a voiceover has him arranging the purchase of a yacht (under his original name, James Howlett) for his "Dad".

Logan - Hugh Jackman in 'Sunseeker' Promo

The clip appears to be set before the main events of the movie and Logan meeting young Laura Kinney aka X-23, and as such provides quite a bit of context for where Wolverine is when we're reintroduced to him. We know from the official synopsis that Logan's in hiding while looking after aging Professor X, who would appear to be the "Dad" he wants to buy the Sunseeker for. The big thing we can learn here is where the limo featured heavily in the trailers comes from - it's part of Wolvie's job, with him seen driving a range of revelers through a non-descript city. Most interestingly though is that in the call he identifies himself by birth-name James Howlett, something we've never seen Wolverine do in the movies, suggesting that as he evolves into an old man, Logan is reflecting on his life (even the parts he doesn't fully remember).

As for what the Sunseeker is for, that's currently unclear. The boat was previously alluded to by a Hugh Jackman tweet back in October, so it would seem like the clip is establishing a later story beat - perhaps Logan, Xavier and X-23's best hope for freedom is to head for the ocean.

Regardless of plot, there's a very morose underscoring to the whole tease, which is the perfect way to continue Logan's marketing and further promises something more slow and reflective than we're used to from the character.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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