Logan Trailer #2: Old Man Wolverine Teams With X-23

Logan Trailer 2 Hugh Jackman Dafne Keen

Twentieth Century Fox's cinematic mutant-focused universe launched with X-Men in 2000, introducing Hugh Jackman's version of the iconic comic book hero Wolverine. As the X-Men movie universe has evolved, Jackman's Wolverine has remained a constant, leading his own standalone series of films and even appearing in the prequel installment X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, Jackman is expected to don Wolverine's iconic claws only one more time, in James Mangold's Logan - though there are rumors of another potential movie starring Wolverine and Deadpool.

A number of photos from the production of Logan slowly revealed an atmospheric entry in the X-Men universe. Then, the first trailer for Logan teased Jackman's last turn as Wolverine, with a unique tone thanks to Johnny Cash's "Hurt," while reactions to footage for the film promise an entirely new kind of superhero movie. Now, the second trailer for Logan offers fans more insight into what to expect from Jackman's final Wolverine film.

Twentieth Century Fox debuted the new trailer for Logan [above]. The third solo Wolverine movie sees an older version of Logan dealing with his weakening powers as well as an aging Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and the young Laura, aka X-23, (Dafne Keen). Meanwhile, Boyd Holbrook portrays the villainous Pierce, who is "relentless, calculating, and intense," and Stephen Merchant is Caliban.

Logan Trailer 2 Hugh Jackman Dafne Keen

The second trailer for Logan features plenty more footage of X-23, this time utilizing a more modern soundtrack in Kaleo's "Way Down We Go", although it provides a similar tone to "Hurt".  Laura is shown as both an atypical girl in terms of how she interacts with others (her greeting of the convenience store employee is less than socially acceptable, as Wolverine points out) in addition to some of her fighting abilities - though we know her fight sequences include plenty of R-rated action based on the footage we saw.

However, the new Logan trailer also focuses on Wolverine and his relationships to both Laura and Charles, with the theme of family as a major undercurrent. A voiceover provided by Charles tells Logan, "This is what life looks like: people who love each other, a home. You should take a moment, feel it. You still have time." As Mangold said in our interview with him, part of Wolverine's struggle in Logan will be in accepting the human connection of these personal relationships.

That said, aside from the action and character beats featured in the new trailer, the aspect most Marvel fans may be excited about is the inclusion of X-Men comics in Logan. As Mangold revealed, they exist as a kind of reminder to Wolverine of his heyday, an idealized version of his own personal history to which he can never measure up. It will be interesting to see how that throughline is carried throughout the film, but at the very least it seems to be an exciting bit of world-building. All in all, Logan appears to be another exciting R-rated entry in Fox's mutant universe - and fans need only wait six weeks until they get a chance to see it for themselves.

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