Hugh Jackman Poses With Logan Poster

For 16 years, Hugh Jackman has been the face of Fox's X-Men film franchise, appearing as Wolverine eight times in varying capacities. Whether he's the star of the show or making a brief cameo, the fan-favorite actor has been the lone constant through all the ups and downs of the series. Sadly, the third solo Wolverine outing (due in 2017) seemingly marks the end of an era, as it is reportedly the final time Jackman will sport the claws of the world famous mutant.

Recently, it was confirmed that the film's official title is Logan, with Jackman revealing a poster for the project on his Twitter. He seems to be quite fond of the artwork, since he's now taken to social media to share another look at it as he walks through the streets of New York City.

On Twitter once again, Jackman posted a new picture of himself striking a pose in front of the Logan one-sheet on the corner of Bleecker and Lafayette streets in the Big Apple. Check it out below:

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