Is Fox Adding Secret Post-Credits Scene to Logan?

Logan Final Trailer - Logan and Laura

Early on, it looked as though Fox would take a dramatic turn in tone and content when it came to Logan. Following the box office success of Deadpool, Hugh Jackman's last ride as Wolverine sees him and director James Mangold enter an R-rated world where the movie's plot takes the character away from the multiple X-Men timelines to tell a single, self-contained, character-driven story.

Early indications look as though the film delivers, giving Fox another win in the mutant column and one that goes against tradition with its rating. While Logan may buck convention in that regard, there is one comic-book movie trend a new rumor suggests the third solo Wolverine film won't: that of the post-credits sequence. Despite a report that the film would eschew this trend as well, some new information suggests that is not the case.

As pointed out by Mike Sampson, Fox has extended the runtime for Logan, leading to speculation that a post-credit scene has been added. So far, only press screenings of the film have been made public, none of which contained a post-credits scene -- which suggests that if something has been added, it won't be in the film until Logan hits theaters.

Logan - Laura aka. X-23 (Dafne Keen)

Earlier this month, Screen Rant reported that the runtime for Logan was 135 minutes, which was the time given for its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. According to Sampson, the film's runtime has now changed to 140.34 minutes, and earlier today Sampson tweeted that the film had added on three additional minutes. Five minutes or three, either way it's the right amount of time to accommodate a post-credits sequence.

Of course, given the nature of Logan and the way it has distanced itself from not just other superhero films, but the X-Men films in general, a post-credits sequence might not fit with the overall tone or approach the filmmakers wanted to take with Jackman's supposed swan song as the character. Then again, Fox is looking to build off its success with Deadpool, meaning this may be the perfect time for the studio to attempt to connect Logan to that franchise. While Mangold, Jackman, and even Ryan Reynolds have all shot the idea of a Deadpool cameo down, could there still be a chance that the two films will connect somehow, perhaps through a certain time-traveling cybernetically enhanced mutant who goes by the name Cable?

Again, it's unlikely, as such a thing would threaten to ruin the mystique of this third solo Wolverine effort. But Fox is in the business of expanding its brand, whenever and wherever it can. Despite the many ways in which it is different, Logan might just be the perfect place for the studio to do just that.

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Source: Mike Sampson

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