New Logan Image Questions Wolverine’s Fight or Flight Instinct

Logan - Scars

Hugh Jackman has been with the X-Men franchise since it began in 2000, and after 17 years of bulking up to play Wolverine he is nearing the end of his run. Logan will mark Jackman's ninth appearance in the role he has become synonymous with, despite initial hesitation brought to his casting given his appearance (specifically his height) not being similar to the comics. This time around he is one of the last remaining mutants, with only Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Caliban (Stephen Merchant), and X-23 (Dafne Keen) being among the confirmed mutants to appear.

Buzz is already high with Jackman continuing to state this will be his last time in the role, but Fox's promotional department has continued to keep expectations high thanks to a Johnny Cash-soundtracked first trailer. Throughout it all, director James Mangold and Jackman have continued to release stills from the film - mostly in black and white - that are either new scenes or different takes on what has already been shown. Now, Jackman has shared one more with Logan sprinting to or from danger.

Jackman has continued to post the new images on his Twitter, and the latest is no exception. The image itself is a slight variation of a clip shown in the trailer of Logan running and then leaping at a group of attackers that appear to be retreating. The reasoning behind his pursuit is unknown, but most likely does not end well.

Fight or Flight

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) January 5, 2017

The marketing has made it quite clear that Logan's healing abilities are not as strong as they once were in his younger days, and while he may be unmarked in this image, the following battle will most likely leave him with some battle scars. Since he is not yet injured however, perhaps Logan tracked them to this location and is pursuing them before they could harm Professor X or his new trainee.

Logan is only two months away at this point, which should soon provide fans with more marketing materials outside of these stills. The film still has only one trailer released, but the second should be arriving in the next few weeks. While many are eager to see more footage from the film, Fox is once again implementing images into their marketing strategy for this movie by giving fans a chance to win an official one of a kind frame from the trailer. Until that trailer arrives, those that have signed up should be on the lookout for those stills, or stay tuned to Jackman's social media pages for the latest images.

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