Hugh Jackman Reacts To Logan's Oscar Nomination

Hugh Jackman in Logan

Logan star Hugh Jackman congratulates director James Mangold for earning an Oscar nomination for the film in the Best Adapted Screenplay category. Released back in March 2017, Jackman's Wolverine swan song earned widespread critical praise as many considered it to be one of the finest comic book adaptations ever made. Embracing its R rating and gritty, Western-inspired tone, Logan ended Jackman's 17-year run as the titular mutant in poignant fashion with a heartbreaking tale about love, family, and growing older.

Much like fellow X-Men film DeadpoolLogan was able to parlay its positive reviews into some high-profile awards nominations. During the season, it was recognized as one of the 10 best films of the year by the National Board of Review and earned a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination from the Writers Guild of America. Fox's campaign efforts paid off in a big way this morning when Logan was one of the five films recognized in the Academy's own Best Adapted Screenplay field, and Jackman couldn't be more proud of his friend and collaborator.

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Taking to Twitter, Jackman posted a sweet message to congratulate Mangold on an accolade well-deserved. Check it out in the space below:

Logan's nomination represents a substantial breakthrough for superhero films. Typically, works in that sandbox have to settle for nods in the technical categories, with Heath Ledger's posthumous Best Supporting Actor win for The Dark Knight the lone exception. As the Academy welcomes new members (some of whom have worked in the comic book movies before), it will be interesting to see if Logan is merely a blip on the radar or something more. With works like The Shape of Water and Get Out among the most noteworthy nominees, it certainly seems like the Oscars are starting to warm up to genre fare. The acclaimed Wonder Woman being snubbed completely illustrates there's still some work to be done, but this is a great victory that should be celebrated.

Now that Logan survived the nomination process, many will be curious what its odds of winning are. Of its competition, Best Picture nominee Call Me By Your Name is probably the favorite, but there have been Oscar upsets in the past. Molly's Game, The Disaster Artist, and Mudbound have all picked up key notices along the way, but have mostly flown under the radar and aren't expected to be much of a threat. Logan obviously has its fair share of fans in the Academy, so it may have a better chance of taking home the prize than people think. Regardless, it will be great for viewers to see a comic book blockbuster honored on Oscar night.

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Logan is now available on digital and Blu-ray.

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