Logan Goes Black and White in Logan Noir Trailer

Hugh Jackman's swan song to his iconic role as Wolverine in Logan gets the black and white treatment with the trailer for Logan Noir.

In light of the re-release of Logan in black and white, 20th Century Fox has debuted the first trailer for the iteration of the film dubbed Logan Noir.

The clip, which you can now watch online (see the video above), is a reimagination of Hugh Jackman’s last hurrah as the beloved X-Men mutant, Wolverine, in a monochromatic scheme. Mining from the still images that were used as promotional materials for Logan, the whole trailer and the film that it services, come in black and white. As with the first trailer for the original cut of the movie, the one-minute clip also uses Johnny Cash’s rendition of "Hurt", as a montage of scenes from the film play out.

On top of the trailer release, a special screening event for the release of Logan Noir will also be held today in Alamo Drafthouse theaters where director James Mangold and Jackman will be present to host an exclusive live streamed question and answer. It appears that the event's organizers are looking to capitalize on Logan Noir’s somber mood, as they have specifically asked guests to dress only in black and white for the event.

The original cut of the film, which hit theaters worldwide back in March, received both critical and commercial success. It grossed over $600 million around the globe against its production budget of just $97 million. Back in April, Mangold took it to his official Twitter account to announce that a special monochromatic version of Logan will have a limited theatrical run in some U.S. theaters this month. This is in response to a lot of good feedback citing the film having more of a western and indie production vibe, compared to the usual superhero movies.

Despite being part of a bigger shared universe with Fox-Marvel, Logan was successfully able to establish itself as a detached component, focusing solely on  Logan as he tries to live a quiet life as a retired X-Men. The addition of Sir Patrick Stewart as the ailing Professor Charles Xavier increases the gravitas of the film - making it feel more of a personal story than superheroes trying to save the Earth. In the end, it was fitting swan song for Jackman as he finally hangs up his claws after 17 long years of reprising the scruffy, cigar-smoking mutant. The emotional impact of Logan is expected to be heightened with the release of a black and white variation of the film.

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Aside from the special screening event, Logan Noir is also now available on Digital HD. Release for both Blu-ray and DVD will follow on May 23.

Sources: 20th Century Fox

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