Logan Noir Screenings to Include Q&A with Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman confirms that he and director James Mangold are participating in a Q&A as part of the upcoming Logan Noir screenings.

Logan star Hugh Jackman says he's joining director James Mangold for livestream Q&A following special black and white "noir" screenings of the film May 16. Marking his ninth and final appearance as Wolverine since the X-Men movie series began in 2000, the release of Logan and the events surrounding it has been a bittersweet farewell for the Oscar-nominated actor.

Replacing Dougray Scott in director Bryan Singer's X-Men debut, Logan/Wolverine was Jackman's breakthrough role in Hollywood - as he quickly established himself as one of the main faces of the X-Men movie franchise (if not the face), along with Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier) and Ian McKellen (Magneto).

And while his days as the adamantium-clawed mutant on the big screen are over, Jackman's clearly not willing to leave the character in the past yet – which perhaps explains why he's joining Mangold for the Logan Noir livestream Q&A next week. He announced his participation in the event in a tweet on Wednesday.

Logan (2017) - Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) at the Liberty Motel

Naturally, fans will have to attend one of the Logan Noir screenings to see the Q&A, which will happen at Alamo Drafthouse locations nationwide. In all likelihood, Mangold and Jackman will go into the details about the importance of presenting the film in monochrome, which the co-writer and director said last week enhances Logan's “western and noir vibes.” Fans unable to attend the monochrome screenings and subsequent Q&A with Mangold and Jackman won't completely miss out. After Mangold teased the idea of including a black and white version on the Logan Blu-ray (after the film became an instant smash in theaters in March), the inclusion of the Logan Noir version was confirmed when bonus features included in the disc's release were announced last week.

It's only right that Jackman appear in the Q&A, not only for what he has brought to Logan/Wolverine over the years, but how his dominating presence has come to define the X-Men franchise. And while he only directed Jackman twice in his nine X-Men movie appearances, Mangold's participation in the Q&A is just as, if not more important. Considering how the character took a significant step forward with Mangold's The Wolverine after the doldrums of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, without Mangold, there simply would be no Logan. If the initial theatrical release wasn't convincing enough, perhaps the Logan Noir version will lead audiences to conclude that Logan is the best X-Men movie – and easily the top Wolverine solo movie – of them all.

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