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Back in December, the geek world shook with excitement when a report was released saying Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson/Deadpool would be making an appearance in this year's Logan. The validity of the report itself was quickly shot down, however, by both director James Mangold and even Reynolds himself. Their reasoning for not wanting to ruin the somber, lonely tone of Logan by introducing a comedic character like Deadpool made sense also, and thus, the report itself was categorized nothing more than yet another false rumor from a tentpole film's production.

With only a few weeks to go until Logan hits theaters, it seems fair to say that not many mutants will likely be making appearances in the film that haven't already been confirmed at this point. Still, that hasn't stopped some fans from wondering and speculating on whether or not Mangold or Fox may have a surprise cameo or two up their sleeve with the new Wolverine film.

While speaking with We Got This Covered during the film's press day, Mangold opened up about those very same rumored cameos and appearances in Logan. The director wouldn't confirm nor deny the possibility of Wade Wilson being included at some point or another, but he did reveal that there was a moment in the film at one point where Hugh Jackman's Logan would run across an underground railroad for mutants, that was eventually cut:

"There were times early on in the story where I played with the idea of Hugh coming along, and I don’t want to give away anything, but I played with there being an underground railroad where there were a couple of other mutants that he met on the journey. It always seemed to detract from the loneliness of the story though and became a kind of cameo.

Still, there was always a curiosity. I’m so cautious of it though, despite how much fans want it to happen. You find these moments where you’re trying to please people and write these scenes where they’ll bump into somebody but it always just seems like an awkward cameo unless you can make it fit organically and the character is integral to the story."

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So it looks as though there wasn't ever going to be much of a chance for Wade Wilson/Deadpool to make an appearance in Logan. But while that may disappoint some fans, it's likely for the best in the end. The tone of Logan is so unique in its sadness and finality, that having Deadpool show up, break the fourth wall, and then leave would completely ruin the experience. Even if that means Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds will never cross paths in the X-Men cinematic universe again - if Jackman does indeed hang up his claws once and for all after Logan - then so be it.

Still, it is interesting to think about who Mangold may have considered for this mutant underground railroad. The time frame of Logan and the apparent extinction of mutants indicate that the list of possible cameos was probably low, but that doesn't mean there couldn't have been a few notable characters included in that sequence. The idea of an underground railroad for mutants to escape persecution is an interesting one as well, that could have further illustrated the dire state the mutant species is in once Logan begins. But Mangold knows best in the end, and judging by the early reviews and footage released from Logan, he appears to have a better handle on the tone and story of the film than any other writer or director could have. So if he didn't think it or any other cameo appearances could have worked, then they probably wouldn't have.

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Source: We Got This Covered

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