Logan Image: Wolverine is Looking Worn

Logan (2017) - Hugh Jackman as Old Wolverine

Serving as the third film in the X-Men movie series to focus primarily on Hugh Jackman's fan-favorite Wolverine, the upcoming Logan appears to be a real barn burner, thanks to director James Mangold. Set to serve as the last time that Jackman plays the titular character, Mangold's follow-up to his 2013 X-Men installment, The Wolverine, is primed to deliver a gritty Western-themed adventure that is an adaptation in spirit (less so text) of Mark Millar's comic book story, Old Man Logan.

Longtime fans of the X-Men feature franchise are undoubtedly both anticipating and dreading the release of Logan (it being Jackman's swan song and all), as the first official trailer - and its R-rated international cut - served to paint quite the picture of what's soon to come. Now yet another stunning black and white photo for the film (which also costars Patrick Stewart as the older Charles Xavier a.k.a. Professor X) has made its way online.

Posting to his official Twitter account yet again, Jackman has provided his many fans yet another glimpse at his version of "Old Man Logan" in Mangold's Logan, with a scant three lines of expository text that read, "Worn. Logan. 3.3.17." Featured in the image are Jackman's own two hands with Wolverine's claws retracted, but with the indentations from where they come out still visible - and most crucially unhealed. Check out the image, below:

Logan Image Wolverine is Looking Worn

Thus far, it would appear that Wolverine will indeed be living up to the name of Millar's classic comic book arc, as his hands in the image featured above really do look gnarled and worn to the point of exhaustion. Logan is destined to offer longtime Marvel Comics readers and X-Men film fans alike a very different sort of Wolverine movie in this respect - one which should prove to be worth the price of admission alone.

Only time will tell how general audiences will ultimately take to Mangold's latest X-Men feature franchise installment, but with any luck Logan will offer viewers who grew up watching Jackman as Wolverine a fitting tribute to his tenure in the role. If everything goes according to plan, distributor 20th Century Fox will have a bonafide hit on their hands, and Mangold, Jackman, and company will provide Wolverine fans with a thrilling cinematic conclusion to the version of the character whom Jackman has portrayed for the past sixteen years now.

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  • Logan (2017) release date: Mar 03, 2017
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