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Logan - Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Right now, Logan is sone of the most anticipated comic book films set to come out this year, and it's not difficult to understand why. Aside from just the positive reactions to the film's trailers, the movie will supposedly be the last time that Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart play Wolverine and Professor X on the big screen. After sticking with the same characters for seventeen years following their debuts in 2000's X-Men, Logan effectively going to mark the end of an era not only for the X-Men franchise, but for the entire comic book movie genre.

It only seems right then that Logan look and feel unlike any other comic book film released so far, with a somber and dramatic tone only truly fitting for Jackman and Stewart's farewells as their characters. In a truly groundbreaking achievement, Logan will also be premiering at the Berlin International Film Festival, an honor that no other comic book film has been on the receiving end of yet.

As is custom with film festivals of this size, in order to promote its wide array and selection of films playing there this year, Logan has received its own custom page on the festival's site as well. In addition to a gallery of stills and facts about the creative talent, though, the page has revealed the film's runtime. So according to the site, Logan will run at 135 minutes. It will premiere at the festival on Friday, February 17th.

Logan Final Trailer - Laura and Logan driving

With this runtime, Logan lands somewhere in the middle in terms of its length compared to the rest of the X-Men films. It's around the same runtime as 2013's The Wolverine, which ran at 136 minutes and was, coincidentally enough, writer and director James Mangold's first time playing in the X-Men universe before returning to direct Logan this year. On the other hand, it's much longer than X-Men Origins: Wolverine (107 minutes), but shorter than both of the last two X-Men films, X-Men: Days of the Future Past (158 minutes), and X-Men: Apocalypse (147 minutes).

In the end, the runtime doesn't really matter so long as Mangold and Jackman are happy with the amount of time they have to tell their story, especially if it does indeed end up being the actor's swan song as Logan. While it was originally intended to be that too, there have been recent rumors indicating that he could reprise the role again in a Deadpool-Wolverine crossover film. However, it should be noted that no official reports or comments have been released on the studio's part regarding those rumors. But whether it ends up being his goodbye to Wolverine or not, Logan has at the very least, garnered enough attention and early buzz to make it a memorable one if it is.

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Source: Berlin Film Festival

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  • Logan (2017) release date: Mar 03, 2017
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