Logan IMAX Poster Unites Wolverine, Professor X & X-23


Since its inception, Logan has been a project that 20th Century Fox has presented as something strikingly different. The third film in the standalone Wolverine films, not to mention the tenth cinematic X-Men tale, started in virtual secrecy. The title wasn't even revealed until last October (alongside teaser key art), its tone confirming previously-reported insight of this new movie's very different take on the Wolverine character.

Logan is a return to the X-Men oeuvre for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier, and The Wolverine director James Mangold.  That alone already sparked intrigue to audiences anticipating its March release. Additional on-set updates, often from Mangold himself, leaked even more images, including one of Boyd Holbrook's cyborg Donald Pierce. Through social media, Mangold's Fox-approved insight helped fuel a curiosity in advance of the release of the film's 90-second teaser trailer. Flash forward to now, just weeks before Logan hits theaters, and Mangold is still sharing stages of what's been a brilliant marketing and PR campaign from the studio.

In today's early morning Valentine's tweet from the director, we got our look at a more traditional superhero take on Logan key art. This exclusive poster for the IMAX release of the movie is a departure from prior designs from Los Angeles based agency Gravillis Inc., which were minimalist, emotional hints at the film's intimate approach.

This new poster features a variety of characters, whereas the others focused on Wolverine. Keeping the burnt orange tones, flooding-in from an apocalyptic rising (or setting) sun, Jackman anchors the art, coming across as both badass and brooding at the same time. We also get a glimpse of Laura (Dafne Keen) with adamantium claws out (two on each hand) and a sad Professor X looking less than confident. The villainous Pierce is utilized as background chaos surrounding the trio.


The release of this IMAX poster may not be in line with the prior advertising stylings for the film, but we have recently seen television spots that go for full R-rated action graphic novel adaptation gusto. It's also of note that the new poster's expertly created in a vintage, hand-drawn approach, common to fan posters. They've even added the detail of "folded crease marks," a staple of movie-posters of the past, not sent to exhibitors rolled.

Mangold previously mentioned being inspired by classic Hollywood filmmaking, film noir and German expressionism over modern filmmaking for Logan, which guests of last year's Butt-Numb-A-Thon have confirmed is the case. That uber-film-fan festival played the first forty minutes of the movie, solidly securing early buzz and emotional connections.


Releasing this IMAX poster for the film in a nostalgic, retro design plays on that emotional connection on a mass level. It taps into both the expectations that Logan will be the best of the Wolverine films, and perhaps even do justice to one of the most beloved (and complex) Marvel properties.

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Source: James Mangold

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