Does Logan Have An After-Credits Scene?

Logan After Credit scene

Logan served as a fitting conclusion to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, but does the movie come with an after-credit scene? It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time fans weren’t happy with Hugh Jackman being cast as Wolverine in 2000’s X-Men. When bigger names like Russell Crowe passed on the part, actor Dougray Scott was cast. Unfortunately for Scott, filming on Mission: Impossible 2 ran long, forcing him out of the project. Jackman was a last-minute replacement, but while some felt he was far too tall and clean cut for the role, he would come to embody Wolverine over the course of 9 movies.

While the quality of the movies varied wildly, Jackman’s take on Logan remained a highlight throughout. He captured Wolverine’s cynical humor, guarded emotion and seething inner rage – in addition to working out constantly for over 15-years to maintain the character’s jacked shape. The star decided to call time on the character with Logan, which reunited him with The Wolverine director James Mangold. Logan intentionally distanced itself from the rest of the X-Men saga to focus on Wolverine near the end of his life, with the character suddenly finding himself responsible for his cloned daughter Laura (Dafne Keen), aka X-23.

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Logan is a dark, emotional climax to Jackman’s Wolverine story, and was greeted with glowing reviews upon release. The success of Logan also proved there’s an audience for comic book movies that tackle more adult material. While the movie ends with Logan’s unambiguous death, Mangold has revealed he’s open to an X-23 spinoff. While most franchise movies would tease this during the end credits, Logan has no after credits sequence.

The reason for this is simple; the director hates them. Mangold has stated he feels post-credit scenes are essentially ads for other projects and thinks any movie should be a contained experience. Mangold’s own The Wolverine featured an after-credit scene which set up X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but it seems the filmmaker wasn’t fond of the comic book movie concussions he had to make during his first run with the character. The director wanted Logan to serve as the ending for Jackman’s Wolverine with no considerations for sequels or spinoffs, hence the lack of a Logan after-credit teaser.

X-23 proved to be the breakout character from Logan, with Laura containing the same intense rage as her father. Mangold has said a movie centered on her wouldn’t necessarily be in the same genre; if Logan is a modern-day Western, X-23 can be something else entirely. Of course, for fans, Jackman’s retirement came at something of a bad time. Despite Ryan Reynolds constant teasing - and Deadpool 2's post-credit rewriting of Origins - Jackman Wolverine will likely never come back to team up with Deadpool. He’ll also never get to face off with the MCU Avengers, which became a possibility thanks to the Marvel/Fox deal. While Logan had no after-credit scene to speak of, the movie itself served as a great ending to Jackman’s epic 17-year run and was the perfect note for the actor to retire on.

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