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The time has come for Hugh Jackman's most iconic role to come to an end. Few could have known back in 2000 the actor would have such a memorable and lengthy tenure as the adamantium-clawed mutant, but after 17 years portraying the character, Logan will serve as Jackman's X-Men swan song.

Following the success of Deadpool, Fox granted Jackman and director James Mangold the opportunity to tackle the final Wolverine film with a more character-driven plot and, of course, an R-rating. Despite the trappings that come with the more mature rating, a big part of the movie's appeal is the way in which the film intends to depict Logan. Marketing materials have made it clear that Wolverine has aged quite a bit since his last appearance, but a new motion poster illustrates just how far he's come since first being introduced to Professor X.

Jackman shared the motion poster on his Instagram and it shows his physical transformation throughout the years. From his early appearances in the original X-Men trilogy to now, Wolverine looks worse for the wear, and as this piece of marketing aims to make that clear.


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Nowadays, Jackman is known for his commitment to the role, not only from an acting perspective, but also what it means for his physique. Looking back at X-Men, Wolverine is tiny in comparison to his "older" self from the new trilogy, and his future self from X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Wolverine, and Logan. While this transformation is no surprise to anyone who has followed the character's journey, it does a great job at showing just how drastic his look is now as opposed to when it began.


Fans and some of Jackman's fellow X-Men universe actors may not want him to hang up the claws just yet, but after nearly two decades in the role, it is understandable that the actor would want to move on. Playing Wolverine will always be his most famous role, but he has continued to be a welcome presence outside mutant-centric films. With Eddie the Eagle last year and The Greatest Showman later in 2017, he won't be disappearing from screens anytime soon. As tough as it may be to see him leave, Jackman gave a large chunk of his acting career to the role of Wolverine. For that, all comic book movie fans should be thankful.


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