Logan Lucky Trailer: Steven Soderbergh Stages an Elaborate Heist

The trailer for Logan Lucky has been released. Director Steven Soderbergh burst onto the indie film scene with Sex, Lies, and Videotape back in 1989 and quickly established himself as a skilled filmmaker. With over 30 films to his name as director -- and numerous as writer, cinematographer, editor, and producer -- he's alternated between small indie projects and big blockbusters such as Magic Mike and Ocean's 11, 12, and 13. In 2000 he was nominated for the Best Director Academy Award twice -- for Erin Brockovich and Traffic -- winning for the latter. In 2013, after completing work on Behind the Candelabra he retired from directing so he could work on TV and other projects. A retirement he has come out of only a few years later, to film the heist comedy Logan Lucky.

Logan Lucky tells the story of two down-on-their-luck siblings -- played by Channing Tatum and Adam Driver -- Jimmy and Clyde Logan. They decide to rob the bets placed on the Coca-Cola 600 race while the race is in progress Memorial Day weekend, and find themselves in over their heads. The film also stars Riley Keough, Seth MacFarlane, Hilary Swank, Katie Holmes, Sebastian Stan, Daniel Craig, and Katherine Waterson.

The trailer focuses mainly on the Logan brothers and robber Joe Bang -- who they team up with to commit the heist. It's heavy on the laughs and silliness in the movie, emphasizing the thick Southern accents used by the cast.

The trailer opens with Jimmy Logan getting fired from his construction job, and moves onto the struggles of his brother Clyde -- who is working as a bartender and is ridiculed for only having one arm. Jimmy is the one who comes up with the robbery plan, since he helped build the system the racetrack has for moving the money. Realizing they need help from an expert, they go to prison to visit criminal Joe Bang -- with a plan to break him out. Once Joe has joined the brothers, however, it becomes clear just how ignorant the Logans really are. Though to be fair, when he is not talking about explosions, Joe Bang might not be any smarter.

In an extra bit of humor, when the lead actors are listed on the screen, Daniel Craig is given the credit 'And introducing Daniel Craig as Joe Bang!!' calling to mind when Julia Roberts was given the same acknowledgement in Ocean's 11.

The trailer has plenty of humorous moments, as well as enough race footage and action sequences to demonstrate that Logan Lucky is exciting as well as funny. One would assume that it would take a very special script to bring Soderbergh out of retirement after only a few short years. This August, audiences will be able to see for themselves what brought the director back.

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Source: Bleeker Street

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