Logan Lucky Extended Clip: Daniel Craig is a Professional Con

Adam Driver Daniel Craig and Channing Tatum in Logan Lucky

We're used to seeing Daniel Craig looking all suave and put-together as James Bond, which makes the new look he's adopted for his role in Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky somewhat of a shock. An extended clip from Logan Lucky gives Craig a chance to show off his extreme blond dye job, as well as the accent and menacing-but-logical demeanor he developed for the role.

In Logan Lucky, Craig plays a bomb expert who agrees to go along with the economically-challenged Logan brothers (Adam Driver and Channing Tatum) on their crazy scheme to rob a race track during a NASCAR event. There's only one problem: Craig happens to be in prison.

In an extended clip from Logan Lucky (via Bleecker Street), Craig's aptly-named character Joe Bang weighs the pros and cons of the Logans' heist plan during a prison visit. First Joe lays out his general theory of "positive vs. negative," using a pair of hard boiled eggs as a visual aid, then turns to the specifics of the plan and checks them off one at a time. At the end of his exercise, Joe hits on the biggest pro of all from his point-of-view: signing on for the heist means one of the Logan brothers will have to break him out of prison.

Perhaps it's just the weird philosophical dialog he's uttering, but there's almost something Matthew McConaughey-like about Craig's delivery. The accent doesn't sound exactly like McConaughey but it does have a little bit of the flavor of McConaughey's familiar Texas twang. Though Joe Bang is obviously a guy who likes to keep things logical, the fact that he uses his powers of reason to help him blow things up should be a clue that the elevator doesn't go all the way to the top (if the hair wasn't already enough of a clue).

The Daniel Craig we've become used to from his role as 007 would have been right at home in one of Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's movies, but this is not that kind of heist movie from Soderbergh, and this is not the Craig of 007. Logan Lucky feels more like a Coen Brothers film with a bit of an old-school British crime comedy flavor to it as well. The humor in Logan Lucky seems to be somewhat broader than the humor in the Ocean's films, and the rural Southern milieu is certainly light years away from the swanky settings of Ocean's 11 and its sequels.

Logan Lucky also stars Sebastian Stan, Riley Keough, Katherine Waterston, Katie Holmes, Seth MacFarlane and Hilary Swank.

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Source: Bleecker Street

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