Logan Trailer Gets a LEGO Makeover

The dark and broody trailer for Logan - Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine/X-Men movie - gets a makeover with LEGOs and Play-Doh.

Logan promises to be the most violent entry in Hugh Jackman’s solo Wolverine movies, and possibly the bloodiest X-Men movie yet. There are now many stark black & white photos and somber trailers that paint a dark, visceral picture of the film, too. Logan will show both Logan and Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) in ways that haven’t been portrayed on the big screen before, as grizzled old mutants whose powers are deteriorating - something that should only accentuate the movie’s grim tone compared to other X-Men adaptations.

Although the previews for Logan haven’t exactly looked fun, it’s not impossible to find levity in the movie’s otherwise gloomy first trailer. Set to Johnny Cash’s melancholy swan song, his iconic cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt”, the Logan trailer certainly looks and feels like the “violent Western” that the movie has been described as. Nevertheless, one creative YouTuber decided it would be cool to set the same trailer’s brooding sights and sounds in the colorful world of LEGOs.

YouTube channel “thebrickranger” has uploaded his own version of the Logan trailer, featuring all of the same sound and music and presenting a faithful recreation of its visuals almost entirely with custom-made LEGO figures and sets. The makers used what appears to be red Play-Doh for blood and scars, as you can see in the scene of a heavily scarred Logan leaning over the sink and struggling just to put on a shirt.

Logan Trailer - Mirror

This isn't the first time that the Logan trailer has been given a makeover, as a full black & white version also exists in addition to a version featuring nothing but clips from the X-Men animated series.  The LEGO version also depicts impressively accurate recreations of the action scenes you see in the trailer, including Logan brandishing his adamantium claws and getting into intense chase scenes against the bad guys.

The animation is credited to Paradox Pictures and thebrickranger, whose first name is Austin, according to his YouTube page. The channel has produced its own LEGO Batman series, in addition to many LEGO shorts featuring other Marvel and DC superheroes like Spider-Man and The Avengers. His LEGO take on the Logan trailer brightens up a decidedly bleak preview of a movie that is expected to feature its fair share of tragic themes. It’s often amusing to juxtapose something light-hearted like LEGO figures with the Logan trailer’s relentless darkness. Thebrickranger and Paradox Pictures did a good job marrying the light and the dark with this production.

Of course, Logan is going to be rated R and have some of the most mature content ever produced for an X-Men film not titled Deadpool. So it will be tough for younger kids who enjoy LEGOs to see this trailer and then get the unfortunate news that they can’t see the movie when it comes out. Still, if you’re a nostalgic type or just a fan of unique LEGO movie productions, thebrickranger’s take on the Logan trailer is sure to bring a grin to your face.

Source: thebrickranger

Key Release Dates
  • Logan (2017) release date: Mar 03, 2017
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