Logan Director Teases His Vision for an X-23 Movie

Logan - Laura aka. X-23 (Dafne Keen)

Logan director James Mangold reveals what his X-23 movie would be about if he has the chance to make it. Twentieth Century Fox released the third solo Wolverine movie in their nearly two decades-long X-Men franchise earlier this year with Logan, the final outing for Hugh Jackman's titular character. Set in a near future point where mutants have all but disappeared, Logan sees Wolverine taking care of an aging Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) when he comes across a young mutant named Laura (Dafne Keen) who needs his help.

While Logan ends with both Jackman and Stewart taking their final bows as their respective X-Men characters, the film sees Laura and her fellow young mutants attempting to find a mutant safe haven. Since there seems to be more story to tell when it comes to Laura and her friends, Mangold has mentioned that he's interested in an X-23 spinoff and even went so far as to say he'd be "shocked" if Fox doesn't entertain the possibility of Keen returning to the role of Laura. Now, Mangold teases what his X-23 movie would look like.

In an interview with Screen Rant following the theatrical screening of Logan Noir, we asked Mangold what he envisions for an X-23 movie if he gets the chance to create the Logan spinoff. Though the director held off on providing too many details, he did reveal his X-23 film would be:

A very honest film about young people, is what I’d say - a very honest film about young people growing up.

Logan Dafne Keen Laura

Certainly, Mangold's description of the Logan spinoff he'd like to make doesn't give us an idea of what to specifically expect from the potential X-23 movie - like how long after Logan it would pick up or whether it would chronicle Laura and her friends' journey to Eden. That said, the fact that Mangold was only willing to give the briefest of descriptions of what his X-23 film would look like may indicate he's planning on making it. The filmmaker has said that he'd be willing to do another movie based on comic books, and since Jackman won't be reprising the role of Wolverine, Keen's Laura is the obvious subject for another Mangold-directed Marvel film.

Of course, even though Mangold only revealed the barest description of what his X-23 movie would entail, it does hint at another character-driven film in the vein of Logan - this time following Laura and her fellow young mutants. Considering how well received Logan was, by critics and fans alike, the prospect of something similar that focuses entirely on Laura and characters like Rictor (Jason Genao) could be a successful followup, especially with Mangold at the helm.

It was unclear around the time of Logan's theatrical release how invested Mangold and Fox were in pursuing an X-23 spinoff, since they were more focused on finishing up and releasing Jackman's last Wolverine movie. But, with fans still discussing the potential for a movie about Laura and her friends, and Mangold continuing to voice interest in the concept, we may learn more about whether Fox will develop an X-23 spinoff in the coming months.

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Logan is now available on Digital HD and will be released on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on May 23.

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