Logan Image: Wolverine Doesn't Believe in Making Beds

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Returning X-Men feature franchise director James Mangold provided fans a fitting tribute to the eponymous fan favorite character Weapon X with the release of the standalone title The Wolverine in 2013, and his followup in the form of Logan is primed to be one of the biggest blockbuster events of early 2017. Primed to feature an R-rated Western-themed narrative loosely based on the classic comic book story Old Man Logan by Mark Millar, the forthcoming movie already looks to be a stirring sendup to the longstanding franchise protagonist as played by lead actor Hugh Jackman.

With Jackman allegedly stepping down from the lead role following the release of the new movie, a lot of X-Men fans are no doubt wondering what kind of direction and thematic statement Mangold has up his sleeve with the forthcoming release of Logan. Multiple black and white photos have already found their way online - courtesy of Jackman - and the latest leak offers potential moviegoers another enticing glimpse behind the curtain of one of the most hotly anticipated comic book movies of the coming year.

Taking to his personal Twitter account yet again, Jackman has unveiled another startling picture of another enigmatic set piece from the coming motion picture event that is Logan. Featured against a dark bedroom interior, potential moviegoers can catch another glimpse of an aged Wolverine peering into the existential void of self while seated upon an unceremoniously and unmade bed. See the original Twitter post below:

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