Logan Honest Trailer: This Movie's Hard To Make Fun Of

For their 200th episode of Honest Trailers, Screen Junkies attempts to take a stab at this year's Logan, discovering that it's no easy target.

Logan Final Trailer - Wolverine's scars

For the 200th episode of Honest Trailers, Screen Junkies turns their attention to this year's acclaimed comic book film Logan. Released back in March, James Mangold's movie was hailed as one of the finest superhero films ever made thanks to its heart-wrenching performances and gritty, brutal action sequences. Always intended to be Hugh Jackman's swan song in his career defining role, Logan lived up to the hype and will surely be remembered as one of 2017's greatest offerings - even though there are still several months left in the year. Many viewers are hoping it can be an Oscar contender, though there's a long way to go in awards season.

With Logan now available on digital and Blu-ray, fans now have the opportunity to relive the film, with several looking forward to watching the black and white version titled Logan Noir. To commemorate the film's arrival in living rooms, Screen Junkies couldn't resist one more pass at the beloved X-Man before Jackman closes the book on the role for good. In the space above, you can see their Logan Honest Trailer.

It was made apparent in marketing that Logan was going to be quite different from the other installments of the franchise - a fact the video covers in detail. In contrast from the previous movies that relied on large ensemble casts, CGI-heavy set pieces, and even a convoluted timeline, Logan operates mainly as its own thing by stripping it down and proving that sometimes less can be more. The writers also make a morbidly dark joke about how the R-rating should stand for "realization that we all get old and die" due to the uncompromising portrayals of the aging Wolverine and Professor X. Both heroes have certainly taken a turn for the worse.

Logan Final Trailer - Wolverine's scars

Honest Trailers has become famous for their humorous critiques of popular movies, pointing out flaws and gaps in logic. Though every once in a while, the comedy series is stumped by a great film. That seems to be what has happened here, since the parody's only real "criticisms" are minor nitpicks like the cell phone video exposition and Donald Pierce's accent that's reminiscent of Val Kilmer in Tombstone. The voice over narrator even admits that Logan is a hard movie to make fun of and sends out a call for help to the one and only Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds comes in as a guest star, but refuses to take the bait and instead praises Logan and campaigns for Hugh Jackman to win an Academy Award. Reynolds previously made a cameo on the Deadpool Honest Trailer, so maybe this will become a recurring gag whenever Screen Junkies takes a stab at Fox's R-rated Marvel movies.

One funny way to gauge the quality of a film is to see how it stands up to the Honest Trailers test, and it's safe to say Logan passed with flying colors. It's quality is nearly undeniable, and it's more than earned its spot on the list of the best superhero movies of all-time. Logan was one of the more bittersweet films in recent memory, but it accomplished what it set out to do and was an emotional sendoff for one of the genre's greats.

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Logan is now available on digital and Blu-ray.

Source: Screen Junkies

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