Everything Wrong With Logan Video Takes Issue With Wolverine Cursing

Despite all the acclaim that Hugh Jackman's Logan received, it isn't devoid of beat up plot points & cliches – now summarized in a new video.

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A YouTube video makes a case to point out all the flaws in Hugh Jackman's Logan. From the beat up tropes of criminals underestimating the capabilities of Wolverine to the overindulgence of cursing that it can get away with thanks to its R-rating, the clip examined almost every major sequence from the movie. Earlier this year, the Australian actor took a final bow as the cigar-smoking scruffy superhero via his last standalone film. Logan tells the story of the character in a future where the rest of the mutants no longer exist. After he retiring from his world-saving gig, he now works as a limo driver along the border as he takes care of an ailing and aging Charles Xavier (Sir Patrick Stewart). Things pick up once again when he finds out about Laura also known as X-23 (Dafne Keen).

The James Mangold-directed project was both a critical and financial success as it offered viewers a fresh take on the comic book genre. Many applaud its bold decision to go against the usual tropes of superhero films and instead focus on a more personal story. While it distanced itself from the rest of the X-Men franchise, it made the conscious effort to acknowledge what Logan and Charles have been through in the last couple of decades, making it a perfect ending for the characters.

However, as much as Logan was loved by many, YouTube content-maker CinemaSins takes a careful look at the film to list down all the loopholes, cliches and continuity errors . The video goes into great detail, questioning the nonsensical points - including the fact that Gabriela was able to produce a high-quality documentary even when she was supposed to stealthily shoot in the facilities where new mutants are being made. In the end, Logan got a movie sin rate of 113 tallies, which is arguably a decent number compared to other films that have been butchered by the running video series.

Even with justified points, the clip cites some very good parts from the movie At one point, it even decided to take out one sin because of how Keene knocks out her performance as the young mutant in the movie. Interestingly, it skips throughout the whole Logan dying scene, presumably because the sequence was so emotionally well-acted that nothing can be argued against it.

A previously released Honest Trailer for Logan has already attempted to make fun of the film, but the video also admitted that it was quite hard to ridicule Jackman's swan song to Wolverine given the dark elements incorporated in it. Nevertheless, it was still a fun watch just like CinemaSins' treatment for the movie.

Despite all the flaws that the aforementioned video listed, there is no denying that Logan is still one of the best superhero films thus far. A lot of long-time Wolverine fans who have been hoping to see this version of the character - raw and untamed - were happy with the portrayal despite the fact that it will be the last time, in presumably a long time, the mutant will grace the big screen.

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Source: CinemaSins

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