Logan Director is Excited for Matt Reeves' The Batman

Matt Reeves - The Batman

For many fans, writer and director James Mangold's Logan, is the R-rated, hard-edged Wolverine film that they've been waiting their entire lives to see. Taking heavy inspiration from films like Unforgiven and specifically, Shane, the film often feels more like a noir western than it does a traditional comic book adaptation. That unique tone and dramatic weight are big contributing factors as to why Logan has managed to stand out from the rest as well, leading to record-breaking box office numbers, and overwhelming acclaim from both fans and critics alike. Hugh Jackman did indeed, save his best outing as Wolverine for last.

Due to Mangold's unusual approach to the comic book genre, and steadfast determination to keep Logan the film that he had always wanted it to be, the writer and director has quickly become a favorite amongst the fan community. One fan, in particular, was curious leaving Logan to see if Mangold had any desire to take on another notably dark, iconic comic book superhero - this time existing outside of the X-Men cinematic universe that he's played in previously.

Specifically, the fan was wondering whether or not Mangold would ever want to direct a Dark Knight Returns-esque solo Batman film. But in an interesting reply from his official Twitter account, Mangold quickly discussed how excited he is, instead, to see what director Matt Reeves has in store for DC's highly-anticipated, The Batman. Take a look for yourself down below:

@iUnique117 My talented friend @mattreevesLA is starting work on a new Batman. I can't wait to see what he does!

— Mangold (@mang0ld) March 12, 2017

From the very beginning, the prospect of having Ben Affleck direct himself in a standalone Batman film was one of the most appealing aspects of his casting. That was before anyone had even seen what the writer/director/producer/actor was going to do with his incarnation of the Dark Knight, but after he ended up being one of the better-received aspects of Batman V Superman, The Batman went on to become almost a symbol of hope for DC fans everywhere.

It should be a testament to Reeves' skills and filmography then, that the commotion from fans regarding Affleck no longer directing The Batman has died down as significantly as it has since Reeves was announced as his replacement. Following his work on films like Cloverfield, Let Me In, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Reeves has emerged as one of the more exciting filmmakers of his generation, while still working within the big studio system. Particularly, his ability to craft a dramatic, tonally consistent, dark, and financially successful modern day blockbuster with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes makes him an exciting choice for The Batman, and one that puts the future of the Dark Knight in, hopefully, safe hands.

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Source: James Mangold

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