Logan Director Sounds Off On Credits Scenes Again, Calls Easter Eggs Childish

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James Mangold double downs on his previous statement regarding the use of after-credits tags while also criticizing Easter Eggs. Directing arguably one of the best superhero movies out there in the Hugh Jackman-starrer, Logan, the director does not mince words when it comes to common practices exercised in making films within the said genre.

Mangold was recently at the center of a news headline when he openly chastised the currently popular post-credit scenes in films. In his strongly-worded comments made last week, the filmmaker pointed out how stingers are embarrassing to the industry, especially when studios utilize them to "put something extra at the end to pick up the scores when the movie couldn’t end right." Many weren't exactly thrilled with his remark considering that he once directed an additional bit for  The Wolverine that set up X-Men: Days of Future Past which came out a couple of years after. But the 54-year-old is holding his ground when it comes to his opinions, and now, he even throws the use of Easter Eggs in the conversation.

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These new statements from Mangold posted on his official Twitter account, at least in term of the stingers, are basically a more toned-d0wn version of his earlier comments. It's great that the filmmaker cited that while opinions have attracted varying feelings from people, the conversations that he has been having are civil for the most part, proving that despite the differing stand on the matter, people are actually processing what he said. We've posted the first tweet of his thread. Read his full thoughts by clicking the link.

It's possible that Mangold is just traditionalist at heart when it comes to the art of making flicks. He makes a point of it quite a few times in his social media post and that's not a bad thing, especially when he's making Oscar-caliber projects like Logan. Or, perhaps he was turned off by fans' obsession with post-credits scenes to the point they are missing the essence of the narrative that came before. Some may recall that before Logan hit theaters, many believed a Deadpool 2 tag would be shown at the end - even though the hilarious Merc With a Mouth doesn't fit in such a heart-wrenching film that saw Wolverine die. But due to audiences being trained to expect a stinger after Marvel movies, they continued to speculate about it. While there wasn't a post-credits scene, Deadpool did appear in a short before Logan titled No Good Deed.

In the end, can movies survive without post-credits scenes? Definitely yes. But one cannot discard the fact that if done right, they serve a particular purpose especially when it comes to franchise-building. Folks behind these shared cinematic universes may not have everything planned out, but they definitely know what the future lies to an extent. Yes, they can be detrimental when overhyped or used as a consolation for a bad movie, but that doesn't mean that they're generally useless. As for the Easter Eggs, they're fun, and if people dig them, why take them away? After all, films are a form of entertainment.

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