Logan Deleted Scene Reveals Sabretooth Easter Egg

Hugh Jackman as Logan and Leiv Screiber as Sabretooth

A newly revealed deleted scene from Logan contains a Sabretooth easter egg and X-Men Origins: Wolverine reference. One of the most striking things about Logan was how, despite rounding off Hugh Jackman's seventeen-year run playing Wolverine, it was mostly disconnected from the increasingly complicated X-Men timeline. James Mangold's comic book western was set in the year 2029, further forward than any other film in the franchise, and told its own story that ended Jackman's tenure perfectly.

There were still some references in there though - to the Statue of Liberty fight in X-Men or a glimpse of Logan's Alkali Lake dog tags - and James Howlett's superheroic past was further contextualized in the barren dystopia by merchandise; in-universe the X-Men had inspired comic books (that by his own admission only told a quarter of the truth) and action figures, which one child held at his funeral. It now appears that this element was originally a little more involved.

Ahead of Logan's release on DVD and Blu-Ray, several deleted scenes for the film have been revealed, including one with a Sabretooth reference. Bobby, one of the child mutants escaped from Xander Rice's facility, goes up to a sleeping Logan and asks whether Victor Creed, who he's holding an action figure for, was real. Logan then recounts the events of Origins: Wolverine where the pair (in that movie brothers) were experimented on and used as weapons. You can watch the scene in the embedded video above.

Logan - Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the woods

Origins: Wolverine is still widely regarded as the worst X-Men film, so to see it so affectionately used as backing for Logan's arc is impressive; Bobby points out that regardless of his past Wolverine is doing good now, something that ties directly into the film's discussion on murder and what it does to a person. It's also worth noting that Bobby is the child holding the figure at the funeral, adding an extra layer of sadness to an already tear-jerking scene.

Sabretooth was actually at one point meant to appear in the flesh. Actor Liev Schreiber, who played Victor in Origins, was reportedly approached to return, but his schedule and the movie's eventual direction meant he couldn't star. This appears to be a way for Jackman and Mangold to still bring in that element in the face of real-world issues.

The scene was likely cut due to it not having much direct relevance to the plot or the central relationship between Logan and Laura, but also possibly because the Sabretooth reference was so on-the-nose; at this point in the film we're barely even in the superhero genre anymore so such a throwback could be too much. Thankfully we still got to see it now.

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