Logan: Alamo Drafthouse Posts PSA for Parents


Logan is set to take the superhero genre to a gritty, violent place it's never been before, not even in Deadpool. The final installment in the Wolverine saga (for now) is so intense, the studio initially expressed concerns about the tone. At the end of the day, Fox mostly stayed out of the way and allowed James Mangold to release his boundary-pushing cut of the film.

Logan's violence and realism may be great news for fans who wish to see mainstream comic book movies tackle more intense subject matter in a more extreme way, but the movie could be a nightmare for parents who take their kids to see it, not realizing what it is. At least one cinema chain is getting out ahead of any possible problems and making sure parents realize what they will be getting into if they pack up the children and take them to see Logan.

Alamo Drafthouse has always been progressive in its approach to the moviegoing experience, and very forward-thinking in dealing with issues like cell phones in theaters. In the name of providing its patrons with the best experience possible, Alamo Drafthouse has issued a PSA warning people with kids that Logan probably isn't the movie for them. You can check it out below:

Parents, take heed... LOGAN isn't a Saturday morning cartoon.


— Alamo Drafthouse ATX (@drafthouse) February 28, 2017

Not only is this a fantastic and proactive move by Alamo Drafthouse - because there's nothing worse than people who bring their kids to an inappropriate movie and make everyone around them uncomfortable - it's also a wonderful though unintentional bit of marketing for the movie. Logan is clearly not your typical superhero movie, and that's exactly why it's expected to be a big hit.


Unfortunately for moviegoers, Alamo Drafthouse appears to be the only chain willing to be up-front about the content of Logan and warn away potential customers. When Logan comes out, there will no doubt be lots of uninformed parents around the country taking their kids to see the film at a major chain theater thinking it's another silly Wolverine romp, only to be shocked by the movie's extreme content. And many of these parents will complain that superhero movies shouldn't be R-rated.

Like it or not, the superhero genre is moving into a new, more-mature era where movies like Deadpool and Logan are not only possible but in many cases desirable. Not all superhero properties lend themselves to the R-rated approach, but some definitely do, and filmmakers will say they should have the freedom to make their superhero movies as violent and extreme as they wish. Alamo Drafthouse gets that fans want to see R-rated superhero movies, and they are making sure everyone understands up-front what the deal is.


Source: Alamo Drafthouse ATX

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