Lodge 49 Season 2 Trailer: AMC’s Charmingly Weird Series Proclaims Life Is Good

Sonya Cassidy Wyatt Russell Long Nguyen and Celia Au in Lodge 49 Season 2 AMC

Season 2 of AMC’s Lodge 49 is coming soon, and the network has delivered a new trailer that suggests the show will still be as strange and delightful as ever. The series premiered last year and quickly became a charming summer watch that delivered a fascinating blend of low-key hang-out vibes, grief, and just a hint of mystery to become the latest must-watch show on the cable channel once known for Mad Men and Breaking Bad, but more recently has become a one-stop shop for ongoing zombie apocalypse dramas. 

The change in both scenery and tone is a welcome one, even for fans of the long-running Walking Dead television franchise (which is still growing, apparently), as Lodge 49 makes for a quirky comedy that also delivers surprisingly dramatic story arcs, mostly concerning the unusual characters who comprise the members of the Fraternal Order of the Lynx, and, primarily, that of Dud (Wyatt Russell, Overlord), a young man who’s been drifting through life following the death of his father. 

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Over the course of the first season, Lodge 49 gave audiences plenty to ponder, especially as Dud found himself increasingly invested in the lives of his fellow lodge members and the mystery surrounding the secret society of the Lynx itself. But while the series has its moments of intrigue, that’s not really what it’s about. Lodge 49 is mainly a hang out show, one that maintains a pleasant vibe and makes viewers want to come back week after week to spend some time with their TV friends. That’s certainly the case with the new trailer for season 2, which you can check out below:

The new trailer continues to sow hints of the show’s fable-like nature, and ways in which it intimates fate’s guiding hand on its various characters. This time, though, it looks as if Dud’s fellow members, including Ernie Fontaine (Brent Jennings) and holistic healer Blaise St. John (David Pasquesi) will have plenty of interactions with the series’ main character, and perhaps even his sister, Liz (Sonya Cassidy). Then there’s Cheech Marin, who fittingly brings a particular comedy legacy to the show. 

All in all, it looks like summer on AMC will bring another chill hangout with the members of the Lynx and their strange, charming stories. With any luck, Lodge 49 will catch on even more with viewers, ensuring another season of the charming series. 

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Lodge 49 season 2 premieres Sunday, August 12 @10pm on AMC.

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