'Lockout' Trailer: Guy Pearce Breaks Into Space Jail

Lockout Trailer (2012) starring guy pearce and maggie grace

One sci-fi/action film that seems to be building buzz (and looks to have a bit of promise as well) is Lockout, a film that has been through so many title changes that it's hard to keep up. Well, whether you though it was called MS One: Maximum Security or Escape From MS One or Lock-Out (with that awkward hyphen thrown in the middle), the new trailer for the film continues to paint it as the type of B-movie sci-fi actioner that many moviegoers enjoy.

Guy Pearce stars in the film as a man wrongly convicted of conspiracy and espionage, who is offered his freedom in exchange for a big task: break into an orbital prison that has been overrun by inmates, in order to rescue the president's daughter (Maggie Grace). That premise alone has a throwback action movie feel to it (in the best possible way).

Check out the trailer for Lockout below:

As stated, Lockout looks like the type of sci-fi/action flick that is good fun for fans of the genre. The film's biggest selling point is that writer/director/producer Luc Besson's name is attached to it, in the writer/producer capacities. The French filmmaker is known for great sci-fi and/or action flicks like The Transporter, Taken, The Fifth Element, District 13, La Femme Nikita and his most celebrated work, Leon: The Professional. Suffice to say, whenver this man's name is attached to a film, there's a certain contingent of movie fans who are automatically going to line up and by a ticket.

Lockout will be in U.S. theaters on April 20, 2012

Source: IGN

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