'Lockout' Opening 5 Minutes & Clip Tease A Cheesy Thrill Ride

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Euro Corp. hasn't been bashful when it comes to showing moviegoers what first time feature-length directing team James Mather and Stephen St. Leger - working from a screenplay the duo collaborated on with Transporter/Taken franchises mastermind Luc Besson (based on his original idea) - has churned out with Lockout, which is a sci-fi action thriller starring fan-favorite actor Guy Pearce and Lost alum Maggie Grace. The company has already released several trailers and more than five minutes worth of footage, in the hopes of drumming up interest for the low-budget space prison break flick.

The Lockout marketing team is making one last push to snag moviegoers' attention before the film opens in theaters later this week. Said strategy involves unveiling the first five minutes of the motion picture, which introduces viewers to Pearce as the futuristic, disillusioned, ex-covert operative Snow - whose current bad predicament is the result of a previous government mission-gone-wrong (actually a setup). We also have a new clip that reveals an early exchange between Pearce and Grace's respective characters.

In case you're new to the Lockout scene, the movie takes place in the late 21st century and revolves around the wrongly-convicted Snow (Pearce), who is given an opportunity to restore his good name when the inmates in a massive space prison take control of the establishment - trapping the U.S. President's daughter (Grace), who was onboard when the revolt broke out. From there, it's a race against time as Snow has to navigate obstacles ranging from dangerous machinery to violent convicts, in order to get the injured young woman to safety.

Check out the opening five minutes of Lockout (followed by the additional clip):



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That opening scene does effectively establish Snow as your average world-weary hero archetype, while also making it clear that Lockout doesn't waste any time getting to the visceral action and thrills its trailers have promised. Props should be given to Pearce for being so engaging as to make the groan-inducing one-liners he's saddled with here almost feel natural. Similarly, the film actually looks pretty tight in terms of shot composition and camerawork - which makes sense, seeing how Mather (who's made a living as a director of photography for nearly two decades) was also in charge of the cinematography.

However, based on the second clip, it appears that the cheese factor in Lockout could be very hit-or-miss, with bits like the "sexual tension" between Pearce and Grace possibly feeling too comically forced. Likewise, although the film isn't lacking in the area of self-awareness, the similarities between the plot/character elements of Lockout and those of its predecessors (notably, Escape from New York) are hard to ignore - though, to be fair, the clichés feel somewhat more re-energized and creatively recycled here when you judge by mindless action genre standards. Not a high bar to clear, we know, but still...

Lockout opens in theaters around the U.S. on April 13th, 2012.


Source: Euro Corp., MTV

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