'Locke' US Trailer: Tom Hardy Drives Towards Disaster

Tom Hardy in Locke

Movies that revolve around cars are nothing new - just look at the Fast & Furious franchise. What's less common, however, is car movies in which the main character drives a family car and mostly sticks to the speed limit. Locke might not have chases and explosions, but critics have been raving about the intensity of the story and the central performance.

Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) plays Ivan Locke, a construction manager with a wife and two sons whose steady family life and career is disrupted one night when he gets a call from Bethan (Olivia Colman), a colleague with whom he had an ill-advised fling. Bethan is about to give birth, and in an effort to do the right thing Ivan decides to drive from Birmingham to London in order to be with her when the baby arrives.

It's a move that, over the span of an 85-minute drive, will end up wreaking havoc upon both his family and his job. Hardy is the only actor that appears on screen during the film, which takes place entirely in one location (the moving car). Films like this can be very tricky to pull off and can end up being very boring if they're done wrong, but with his sensible sweater and soft Welsh accent Hardy apparently makes for a fascinating lead performer.

Tom Hardy in Locke

Locke was written and directed by Steven Knight (Eastern Promises), and rehearsal and filming took just two weeks. Last year it won an award for Best Screenplay at the British Independent Film Awards and, as evidenced by the accolades in this trailer and the previously-released international theatrical promo, the critical response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Actually finding a theater that's playing this little-known indie film might be tricky, but if you can track it down either during its theatrical run or eventual home video release then Locke definitely looks worth a watch.


Locke is out on limited release beginning April 25, 2014.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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