Locke & Key TV Show Pilot Reportedly Picked Up By Netflix [Updated]

Locke & Key TV show with Joe Hill in development

Netflix has reportedly picked up Carlton Cuse's Locke & Key comic book TV show pilot, after Hulu decided to pass on the supernatural horror series earlier this year. The Locke & Key property has had a notoriously difficult time making the jump to either the big or small screen over the years; first there was the TV pilot that Fox passed on in 2011, then the announcement of a Locke & Key movie trilogy in 2012 that was abandoned a year later. Most recently, IT director Andy Muschietti helmed a new Locke & Key TV pilot for Hulu - based on Cuse's script - that failed to land a series order.

The original Locke & Key comic books were written by Joe Hill and follow the young Locke siblings (Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode) as they move to their family's estate Keyhouse in Lovecraft, Maine (hint, hint), following the death of their father. Once there, however, the Lockes discover the existence of three magical keys that (literally) open the doors to the supernatural, unaware that all this has been orchestrated by a wicked demon that wants said keys for its own purposes. It's possible that Hulu passed on the TV version because it hews a bit too close in genre to the company's own Castle Rock, a supernatural horror series inspired by the collective works of Hill's father, Stephen King.

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Netflix, on the other hand, has no such reservations it seems, as THS is now reporting that the streaming giant has picked up Muschietti and Cuse's Locke & Key TV pilot. Cuse previously confirmed that the pilot would be shopped around to other services after Hulu passed and that additional episodes for the show have already been written. Neither Cuse, Netflix, nor anyone else associated with the Locke & Key TV show has commented on THS's report at the time of writing, but either an official confirmation or denial of the news should be arriving in the foreseeable future.

UPDATETHS has been informed by a representative for Netflix that the Locke & Key deal has not been finalized yet. IDW Entertainment president David Ozer also commented on the situation:

Being such an important franchise for IDW Entertainment, we hope to have an announcement regarding the Locke & Key series in the near future.

Locke and Key

The Locke & Key pilot includes three cast members from Muschietti's IT movie; including, Jackson Robert Scott and Megan Charpentier as Bode and Kinsey Locke, along with Owen Teague as Jason Lesser, a (violent) young man who plays a key role in setting the story in motion here. They aren't the only Locke & Key actors with horror credentials either, seeing as Frances O’Connor (The Conjuring 2, The Missing) costars in the pilot as the Locke siblings' mother, Nina. Meanwhile, seasoned vet Danny Glover plays the Locke children's new teacher and relative newcomer Jack Mulhern stars as Tyler Locke, the oldest of the three siblings.

Given the pedigree of talent involved and how close Hulu came to ordering it, the idea of Netflix picking up Locke & Key wouldn't be a huge shock at all. Further, the streaming service is already developing one Joe Hill project - In the Tall Grass, a movie based on the novella that Hill wrote with his dad - and has begun wading deeper into the waters of scary TV, having only just ordered Guillermo del Toro's horror anthology series, 10 After Midnight. As for Locke & Key comic book fans: the news that the TV adaptation won't have to go back to square one (again) is probably reward enough for the time being.

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We will bring you more details on the Locke & Key TV show as they become available.

Source: THS

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