Locke & Key TV Show Gets Series Order at Netflix

Netflix is officially moving forward with a series order of Locke & Key. Streaming giant Netflix was considering taking on the project this past May. The show was stuck in development hell for some time following the pilot episode falling through at Hulu. Original director for the pilot, Andy Muschietti, will continue to serve as an executive producer but will not direct the pilot as IT: Chapter Two moves forward.

Locke & Key has had quite the torrid history of going from page to screen. The first attempt for Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez's supernatural horror comic property to transition to TV was in 2011. During that time, a pilot was made for FOX and debuted at that year's San Diego Comic-Con, but never made it to the screen. Then Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci's plans to adapt the stories into a film trilogy also fell by the wayside. The project has been plagued by further problems as Carlton Cuse stepped in for another go at a TV adaptation. The pilot lost original director Scott Derrickson due to scheduling conflicts and was replaced with Muschietti. Now, after years of attempts, the series will finally move forward at Netflix.

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As reported by Deadline, Netflix has ordered Locke & Key to series with a 10-episode order. Netflix, however, will not move forward with the original pilot and is opting to reshoot the Locke & Key pilot with a new cast and script. Aron Eli Coleite and Meredith Averill will be joining Hill and Cuse on the creative team as executive producers. The new, first episode will be written by Hill and Coleite; Averill and Cuse will helm the project as showrunners. Other names joining the team as executive producers include Genre Arts' Lindsey Springer, Ted Adams and David Ozer for IDW Entertainment, and Circle of Confusion's David Alpert and Rick Jacobs.

The Locke & Key comics follow the adventures of the Locke siblings (Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode) as they move to their family's mysterious estate in Maine and discover the existence of three magical (and very dangerous) keys within. They also come to confront the forces that wish to take the keys from them by any means necessary. Of the young cast members playing the siblings, IT co-star Jackson Robert Scott is the only member set to stay on. The Hulu pilot also had an extensive supporting cast that included Frances O'Connor and Danny Glover as Joe Ridgeway.

This news comes as a satifying end for fans who have been staying up-to-date with the show's development. The one catch that could come as either a blessing or a curse for the series is losing some of its cast. It is unclear at the moment whether Glover or O'Connor will return or if they will be recast entirely. Also slightly nerve-inducing for devotees is determining who will take on directing the first episode. Muschietti's style and growing resume showed a lot of promise for what could have been an exciting and aesthetically enticing first episode. Now that reshoots will likely take place in the near future, fans may be wondering who could bring Hill and Rodríguez's world to life. For now, fans can rest assured knowing that Locke & Key has a home and will soon see the outcome of its stressful transition to the small screen.

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Source: Deadline

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