Locke & Key TV Show Pilot Adds Danny Glover; Casts Tyler Locke

Two more cast members have joined the upcoming adaptation of Locke & Key: Danny Glover as Joe Ridgeway and Jack Mulhern as Tyler Locke. Hulu is quickly becoming invested in a number of comic book properties as it continues to turn out original series, and next month, they'll land their first Marvel show with Runaways. Meanwhile, 2018 will bring the long-gestating Locke & Key adaptation to the small screen. The show already has an impressive pedigree, with original writer Joe Hill on-board along with IT director Andy Muschietti. The project will also be produced by Carlton Cuse of Lost and Bates Motel fame.

With the adaptation of Locke & Key coming together, the cast has begun to fill out. Focusing on the Locke family who move to their family home after the death of their father/husband, the series will follow Nina and her three kids as they navigate the mysterious new house and its secrets. The show has already cast IT stars Jackson Robert Scott and Megan Charpentier as Bode and Kinsey, respectively. Now, the final Locke child has been cast

Deadline is reporting that newcomer Jack Mulhern will play Tyler Locke in Locke & Key. The oldest of the children, he'll help them understand the strange powers that the rooms of the house bestow on people. Meanwhile, Danny Glover has been added to the cast Joe Ridgeway, described as an eccentric teacher whom the kids meet at Matheson Academy in their new town.

While the Locke children will be the central focus of the series, the adults in their life will also help to unravel the mysteries of the show and the person hunting down the mystical keys within the home. Their main ally will be their mother Nina, who will be played by horror veteran Frances O'Connor. Along with O'Connor and Glover, the kids will also be aided by their uncle, played by Nate Corddry.

This isn't the first time that Locke & Key has been adapted for TV. FOX ordered a pilot for a Locke & Key show that was set to debut in 2011, but despite the positive reception that the pilot got from those who attended the San Diego Comic-Con screening, that project was not ordered to series. Hopefully Hulu's version will have better luck.

Along with all of the supernatural elements, the kids' mother, uncle, and teacher will all help them deal with the death of their father. In fact, Glover's character is said to have some connections to the deceased Rendell Locke. Despite all the intrigue and otherworldly trappings, however, the show will be a family-focused on at its heart.

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Locke & Key is expected to premiere on Hulu in 2018.

Source: Deadline

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