Locke & Key TV Pilot Casts Yet Another IT Movie Actor

Locke & Key has cast its third young actor from the movie IT. Being a horror writer who also happens to be the son of Stephen King is no easy task, but author Joe Hill has thrived in the same genre that made his father famous. In 2008, fresh off his first published novel, a horror comic was published that was written by Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez titled Locke & Key. Eventually six books were published telling the story of the Locke family and the many keys they find that do things no key should be able to do.

The story of Locke & Key is heavily influenced by author H.P. Lovecraft - so much so that Hill named the town where the story takes place after the author. The three Locke children - Ty, Kinsey, and Bode - are all suffering emotionally after their father's murder. Soon after they move into their dad's childhood home with their mother, and they learn that the house is filled with keys. However, these keys do not just open doors; they open doorways to people's minds, to different bodies, to different types of existence - and that is only the beginning.

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The pilot for a Hulu TV series adaptation of Locke & Key is currently in development, with IT director Andy Muschetti at the helm. Muschetti is not the only person from IT to be involved in Locke & Key, either. Deadline is reporting that IT actor Owen Teague is joining the cast - taking the role Sam Lesser, who like Teague's IT character is a very violent young man.

Teague played the role of Patrick Hockstetter in IT, one of the bullies who hangs out with Henry Bowers and terrorizes the main characters. That is, until Hockstetter goes into the sewer looking for Ben and instead meets Pennywise, causing him to become one of the children seen around Derry on missing posters. He has also appeared on the Netflix show Bloodline, and in a previous Stephen King adaption - Cell.

Nor is Teague the only young actor from IT to be cast in Locke & Key. Previously cast was Jackson Robert Scott - little brother Georgie in IT - as the youngest Locke child Bode. In addition, Megan Charpentier, who played Beverly's mean girl classmate Gretta in IT, is playing middle Locke child Kinsey.

One of the things that IT has received a lot of praise for is the talented young cast. Clearly, Muschetti was paying attention to these child and teen actors while working on IT with them. After all, if they can handle and portray the horror that Stephen King thinks of, it makes sense that they can also do the same for his son Hill.

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At this time, a premiere date for Locke & Key has not yet been announced. Keep an eye on Screen Rant for more updates.

Source: Deadline

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