Locke & Key TV Pilot Adds Another IT Movie Actor To Its Cast

Locke & Key continues to fill out the cast of its upcoming pilot for Hulu, with IT's Megan Charpentier joining the series in one of the lead roles. For almost a decade, creatives have been attempting to turn Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's comic Locke & Key into a TV show or movie. Things have progressed over the year, but it wasn't until a few months ago that Hulu ordered a pilot for the show. Originally meant to feature Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange) as the director, IT helmer Andy Muschetti will now call the shots. He'll also co-write the show with Hill, who in turn will prodcue alongside Carlton Cuse (Lost).

With Andy Muschetti's time on IT, he was able to work with a number of young actors and see how well they tackled the horror genre. As such, it's no surprise that some of those names are making the jump to Locke & Key. Last week, we learned that Jackson Robert Scott would follow up his starring role in IT by playing the supernaturally-gifted Bode Locke in the upcoming Hulu series. Aside from the horror ties between the two properties, the exchange is fitting as Hill is the son of Stephen King. Now, another name can be added to the list of actors crossing over from the movie to show.

Deadline is reporting that Charpentier, who has a small role in IT, will be tackling the role of Kinsey Locke in the new series. Though considered an up-and-comer, Charpentier has been working for years in films like The ShackResident Evil: Redemption, and Mama.

With Bode and Kinsey cast, only one of the Locke children remains. The trio, along with their mother, will film the core of the series—and Frances O'Conner has already been cast in the role of the matriarch. With that in mind, the final casting announcement should arrive very soon.

In the comics, the kids head back to their ancestral home in Maine with their mom after the death of their father. It's there they discover a mysterious sets of keys that unlock new worlds and supernatural surprises. While they end up gaining new abilities thanks to the house and keys, a more sinister force also covets the power. Thus, the series will blend the supernatural and horror with some elements of superhero comics to create something likely to be part Stranger Things and part Legion.

With the pedigree of all involved and Hulu's track record, Locke & Key has the potential to be a big hit. Meanwhile, shows like Twin Peaks and the aforementioned Legion have begun bringing more mind-bending narratives to TV. As such, Locke & Key should be perfectly poised to win over audiences in droves.

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Source: Deadline

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