Hulu's Locke & Key Is 'Amazing Family Drama'

After years in development, Hulu's adaptation of Locke & Key will bring the horror, mystery, and family drama of the comic book series to life. After directing and writing the breakout horror film Mama, Andy Muschietti went quiet for awhile. That all changed, however, when he was tapped for a new adaptation of Stephen King's IT. Surprising everyone, the film has already pulled in a massive global haul. Muschietti now likely has his pick of projects, and is all set to tackle the sequel to this year's horror hit.

Before IT: Chapter Two arrives, though, Muschietti will be turning his attention to another adaptation. From King to his son Joe Hill, Muschietti will be producing and directing Locke & Key for Hulu, the long-gestating adaptation of the hit comic. Telling the story of a young family and a mystery house full of dark secrets and hidden powers, the show will fit perfectly inline with Muschietti's sensibilities. And luckily for fans, it sounds like the series will stay true to the source material.

EW spoke with Muschietti about the success of IT and the director's continued quest to adapt Pet Sematary. Attention then turned to Locke & Key, with Muschietti offering some insight into what attracted him to the project.

“It’s a very cool story, and it’s an amazing comic book and family drama, but also a crazy horror mystery and fantasy. There are scoops of everything.”

Muschietti won't be alone in adapting Locke & Key. Hill is on board as a writer, ensuring a faithful adaptation. Muschietti's sister Barbara will also join as a producer, continuing the role she held on IT and Mama. While we still don't know the specifics of the series, it looks as if it will closely follow the events of the book. More information may be around the corner, however, as the principal cast is almost filled out.

Playing two of three Locke children that the story focuses on will be Megan Charpentier and Jackson Robert Scott, both crossing over with the Muschiettis from IT. Their mother will be played by Frances O'Conner, while TV veteran Nate Cordry will tackle the role of the kids' uncle who helps them settle into their mysterious new home.

Locke & Key the comic is well-known for its winding mysteries and surreal, dream-like imagery. Given what Muschietti has said about the story, it seems as if those elements will be a central focus of the show. There's no telling what the budget will be for the episodes, but hopefully the attention to the source material will ensure a proper translation of the comic's unique aesthetic.

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Locke & Key is expected to premiere on Hulu in 2018.

Source: EW

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