Lobo Screen Test Filmed

In a recent interview with Collider, super-producer Joel Silver (The Matrix) let it be known that a screen test has been filmed for Guy Ritchie's upcoming adaptation of DC Comics' Lobo, which Warner Bros. currently has in the pipeline.

I'll be providing two versions of Silver's comments: you can either watch them on video (you'll have to wade through some references to Ninja Assassin to get to the meaty bits) - or you can simply read over a few choice quotes from the interview. Either way, you should certainly stick around to hear what I think afterward!

Here are the quotes from Silver:

“I was looking at a test we made [for Lobo] and I was seeing it through the eyes of [the San Diego] Comic-Con — through the eyes of that audience. It’s important to know that that audience is the biggest in the world. That’s the audience that you want to get.”

In reference to the rumor that recent fantasy-casting pick Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen, The Losers) is interested in portraying Lobo, Silver had this to say:

“I like Jeffrey Dean, but you know we’re working our way through it. We’ll see what happens.”

Now remember, Lobo fans, Morgan's name isn't the only one being floated near the top of the list. In recent weeks, we've also heard rumor that A Nightmare On Elm Street's Clancy Brown is in the running to play "The Main Man." Another name popping up on people's lips as a potential Lobo is Smokin' Aces actor Kevin Durand - so I'm sure that for now, Silver and Warner Bros. are keeping their options open.


Anyway, as promised, here is the video of Collider's interview with Joel Silver:

I deep-down hope that by the time the 2010 San-Diego Comic Con International rolls around, Silver, Ritchie and Warner Bros. have at least some promo footage ready for us to geek over. In the meantime, I'll settle for the anticipation of hearing which actor will play Lobo and what all the film will be about.

Stay tuned.

Source: Collider

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