Lobo's Daughter 'Crush' is Joining DC's Teen Titans

DC Comics have revealed that the Teen Titans are about to get a new member; Crush, the daughter of Lobo!

The last few years have seen the comic book industry focus on so-called "Legacy Heroes," characters who stand in the shadow of another. Jane Foster wielded the hammer of Thor, both Dick Grayson and Commissioner Gordon have suited up as very different versions of Batman, and Tony Stark was briefly taken out of action in favor of Doctor Doom and Riri Williams. Given that focus, it's surely no surprise that the Teen Titans are back in action. After all, as a team of sidekicks and "homages" - ranging from Robin to Aqualad, from Wonder Girl to Speedy - they arguably kicked off the whole idea of "Legacy Heroes." DC clearly believe the time is right for the Titans, and are even working on a live-action TV series.

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On Saturday, fans attending WonderCon 2018 were thrilled to learn of the Titans' comic book future. In July, a new creative team will take over the book; Adam Glass (SupernaturalCriminals Minds: Beyond Borders) and Bernard Chang (Batman Beyond). They plan to switch up the team, introducing a whole new roster for the Titans. Easily the most exciting new character will be Crush, daughter of Lobo.

Lobo was introduced as a villain back in the '80s, but he really began to shine a decade after his creation. DC reintroduced the "Main Man" as a satire of the '90s trend towards grim-and-gritty antiheroes, but he proved surprisingly popular. Since then, Lobo has been a mainstay character, and he's even currently a member of the Justice League. DC evidently believe that Lobo has become important enough to their mythology to create his own "Legacy."

Jorge Jimenez's designs show a number of similarities between Crush and her father. Both Czarnians share distinctive facial markings, sweeping black hair, and a love of biker chains. There's a certain degree of human in the idea that a member of Lobo's family is roaming the cosmos; Lobo has frequently called himself "the Last Czarnian," after he unwittingly destroyed his homeworld when a high school experiment went wrong.

In addition to Crush, DC revealed that the Titans will be joined by two other new members; Djinn and Roundhouse. These are two more original characters, created specifically to join the Titans, although they don't seem to have any clear connections to the wider DC mythos. Fans had actually believed Teen Titans was being cancelled after #19, so this relaunch - which will kick off in June - is certainly a pleasant surprise.

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Teen Titans #20 releases in June.

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